[WA Works] Surprise, Surprise! A Hidden Success!

Last Update: June 16, 2018

I went into my Amazon account today to prepare some affiliate links and thought I should also check whether people are actually clicking on them.

I went to Amazon .com and found really no clicks and no sales and started to doubt the program alltogether. I then went to check all the other Amazon associate accounts I have activated. Went past UK, DE, FR, IT, S, CA etc.

On my UK account I came across 1 click in May. I then checked once more every account and got back to my .com account.

Poking around in the reports section, I figured I had preselected a custom date range somewhere last year that didn't show any results. I changed it to last 7 days and found to my surprise a sale!

Completely surprised, I changed the last 7 days to last 30 days and found even more sales!!


Do I need to say more?

Well let's give you some statistics then.

The site the sales are coming from is my main cat niche website. It was started April 2017 and started to gain organic traffic in November 2017 (7 months).

It has over 200 posts and 15 pages.

Serious increases of organic traffic the past 5 months, currently standing at 1500 views per month. Also some serious page-1 rankings, two of them being on product reviews.

The product reviews are also the bigger ticket items on the order list, so that shows it really works! I was surprised about the amount of orders on smaller items that are linked within some smaller informative articles as well as completely random stuff not linked.

I am interested to see where this is going...

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carolbinger Premium
Lots of Cheers Steven! Wishing you many more. I signed up for some of those other Amazon....., but have never checked them. I need to do that now.
ownonlboss Premium
Yes, action will bring reaction and that's what we are talking about. Thank you Carol and all the best to you!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Congrats Steven!! on your success.

Tried and True

ownonlboss Premium
Thank you Elaine! Sustaining the same amount of effort will pay off.
edmo53 Premium
ownonlboss Premium
Hey Ed! Thanks!
Loes Premium
Congrats, cheers Steven
ownonlboss Premium
Am very happy! Thank you Loes!
Rich908 Premium
Celebrate - Heres to many more

ownonlboss Premium
Thank you Richard!