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To begin, I am pro social media marketing and how a good campaign on social media may earn somebody some fortune. But what? Wanna mention the bad things about social media! may find gurus here at WA convincingly talking about the usefulness being strategist on social media and how this can be effective in online affiliate marketing. ===>But what are other sad truths about online marketing and social media? If my target is a good reach and traffic on my website, then what about the civilizati
You might ask "What's exciting about getting your contents indexed in Google?"===>Search Engines are the main roots for all our online businesses; ===>Getting a content indexed in google is synonymous to attracting many visitors on your website/blog;===>Having many visitors means, if you're already associate to amazon or other affiliate programs, there is a probability of click to products you've published on your site;===>With all these, you're likely to have your commissions, your
Many Online Business Marketers, including me, have been wondering why Google delays indexing contents. If you’re not a newbie in the domain of online business marketing, you for sure know the price of getting ranked by Google. I also don’t doubt about your understanding of the relationship between getting your contents indexed in Google, Google ranking, traffic and revenue. If this sounds new for you, it’s not late! I am going to walk you through some reasonable tips to get Go