A Quick Walk Through Wealthy Affiliate Website - Step by Step.

Last Update: January 06, 2016

Let me take you by hand and show you what's inside this awesome community. l have used screenshots to make it easy to navigate the real website. This tutorial is on my personal blog inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me show you;

  • How to get started ... every new website is confusing at first.
  • Onsite tools you will be using to create your affiliate websites.
  • How to find help inside WA even at 1 am.

You need to create a Free Membership account. NO credit card required.

Once inside make sure you complete your profile. Add a photo of your choice .... you can choose one of the beautiful photos like the one below.

Add a brief bio about your online experience, hobbies and you can even tell us about your favorite animal .... it's all up to you. We are a community.

Hint: You are likely to get help if your profile is complete.

Find your niche ..... targeted group of people with common interests. If you can not find any ... the community will suggest one for you.

Time to roll up your sleeves and get get your feet wet. Get started with your Free affiliate marketing training.

Take action! Create your Real Estate - Your Affiliate Website. That is were the simple, fast and easy to use Site Rubix website builder comes in.

Enter the required info and press enter .... and watch the magic happen.

Your beautiful website will be up and running in 1 min or less.

You will login to your website securely from within Wealthy Affiliate website. Once you login, activate pre-installed plugins and you are ready to create valuable content.

Time to find what people are actually searching for in Google, Bing or Yahoo and exact phrases they are using. Analyze who are your competitors and plan on how you can out rank them.

Create content around the keywords and check the keyword density before you publish your content. Search engine frown upon keyword staffed content.

Affiliate websites are stupid simple to build. Only if you have the right tools, training and support.

Better still, when everything is within reach .... in ONE place.

When you are getting started with affiliate marketing, you can get stuck anytime and you need help. Sending tickets and waiting for 24 hours for a response .... SUCKS!

More than 300 000 plus Wealthy Affiliate members are more than happy to help you. Besides, members are rewarded for helping others ..... so, we literally compete to help you.

That is what distinguishes Wealthy Affiliate as the best affiliate marketing program ever. You can send a Private Message or leave a comment on program owners' profiles. You get your response almost immediately or after a few hours.

They welcome you into the community and are fully active inside WA community. This keeps keeps WA spam free and ensure that no questions unanswered.

Use the pop up forms to create your Free Membership account. For

7 days, you will test ALL these Premium tools for free. If you love the community, you can upgrade your membership by accepting the early bird 59% discount offer during the first month.

NO offers. NO Up-sales. NO Down sales ..... EVER!

Meet you inside.

If you like scamming and spamming ----- sorry Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for you.

Caution: The welcome can be overwhelming, if you are seriously introverted like me.

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LindaNakandi Premium
How do complete my website builder
TJamil Premium
I like the way you present this walkthough. It's quite engaging and presentable to the extent that some prefer images.

It's like explaining using presentation slides. Thumbs up.
onlinegeek Premium
Thank you Jamil, for your words of encouragement. l will be posting the information on slide sharing platforms soonest.