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Just pass my 3-month mark here and since my RESOLVE not to engage too much in Chat, my WA ranking has dropped to 80.Check out this post to know more about my addiction to Chat: In the next 2 weeks, it's going to drop further but that's not the main topic of this blog. Just like to let you peeps know that I am going on a trip to China and am not sure whether I would have internet access (lots of time
1. Your ranking is going up everyday2. Chat's the 1st thing you click on when you logon to WA3. You can provide links to answers for most questions4. You know who comes in when into chat5. You have reported someone for spamming6. You got reported for spamming 7. You checked in several times a day8. You write more words in Chat than in your own siteI know I am definitely experiencing the above symptoms and got a "kick" from a friendly member for chatting too much. So, I have decided to cut my ad
Watch out! The following WA bestsellers have been launched:The Alien ChroniclesPart 1: Monster The LegendPart 2: Drone SpiesPart 3: RoboCarl and the AlienPart 4: Aliens v.s Jedis: The Border WarsPart 5: RoboCarl and JokerMarsPart 6: Return of the Alien: Six Faces of GuusHey friends, welcome to the Alien Club! Puzzled by the above? This blog was inspired by my recent experience in Chat, where I have met several members here whom I like and respect. The amazing thing is, all of us come from diffe
1. Be rude and use lots of &%$^%$& words2. Ask a question and just left without saying thanks/acknowledgement, or even something simple like a :)3. Insult people by calling names4. Constantly posting your own website link and asking for feedback5. Not appreciative of the help you have received Hello friends,Just some ranting here today as I have met a few nasty people in Chat, and it actually gave me an idea for a new post, which I am writing here.Building an online business is not only
Hey everyone!This is my 2nd month here and I am delighted to be within the Top 200! There is currently 1 referral under me and about 20 organic visitors to my website. It is a mere trickle but it is a start, and it's proof that WA really works because I have zero knowledge when I first built my site in Feb 2017.I have created 14 pages, 22 posts and have 184 comments on my site, you can view it here:www.3moveseducation.comI believe WA is really a good community to be in (I have received tons of
Hey everybody,This article is mainly for newbies as many of them are asking about these:- How to Choose a Niche - How to Choose domain nameSo I am going to share a few ideas here.1. How to Choose Your NicheFirst to understand what is a niche, go through these trainings below by Kyle. main id
Hey everyone,Whenever we feel discouraged or lazy, reading about success stories serve as a good source of motivation, so I decided to compile all the success stories I can find here in WA. This is of course not a complete list (there are probably tons more) and it seems like the older posts before 2010 have been archived somewhere, so we can't access those anymore. Anyway, from my compilation I noticed a few things:1) There are many free starter members who have attained successes2) Members fr
Hey there everyone!"Yay, a new comment for me!" That's my reaction whenever I see that little red note on SiteRubix.Now, I'm thinking of how to get more comments, and here are my tips: Places to post requests for commentsSiteRubix: G+ accounts (and basically all networking links): and Take comment thread:
Hi everybody,It has been a fruitful 2 weeks, everyday I feel like I'm climbing higher and higher on this mountain of learning. On some days, the slope is steep and I'm stuck there for ages. Other days I just sail past smooth ridges.I am very excited about my website which is developing everyday. I can't wait till the day when I can search for a keyword on google and my site pops up on the first page. Well that's my goal in the next few months!Hoping to see all greens in the near future!Of cours
Hello Kyle, hello Carson,Can I suggest you add a feature here in WA, include a place where we could store links?Many times I search for some things and a lot of good stuff comes out but when I click away, sometimes I can't find it back, unless I save it in my browser's favourites. Would be good if there is a quick button here that could let us add links here so all our WA associated links are centralised at one place. I know you are a big advocate of having everything-under-one-roof. Would you