Choose your niche, choose your domain

Last Update: March 23, 2017

Hey everybody,

This article is mainly for newbies as many of them are asking about these:

- How to Choose a Niche

- How to Choose domain name

So I am going to share a few ideas here.

1. How to Choose Your Niche

First to understand what is a niche, go through these trainings below by Kyle.

The main idea of choosing a niche is to find a group of people interested in the same things as you do. For example, a hobby or something you are good at.

Ask yourself this question: ARE YOU THE "GO-TO" PERSON for certain things? If you are constantly giving out advice on a certain area, that means you are sort of an "expert" in that area. This is where your niche can come from.

Are you the Jack/Jane of All Trades and Master of None? That mean you are not an expert in any area. Well, it doesn't matter, just share what you know. It will be good to go with a general niche first, you will get a clearer idea of what you are good at as you progress along. You can zoom in to a more specialized niche later on.

2. How to Choose Your Domain Name

I would say domain names are closely tied up with your niche, so having something related would be good if you have a specific niche.

Let's say you are good at talking and a great salesperson, so how about a domain name that says It gives a general idea that it has to do with communications, you could be sharing tips on how to make successful sales, or maybe even to improve communication with your colleagues/neighbours/family members etc, or even branch out into public speeches, how to conduct interviews, speaking disabilities etc.

Point to note: You cannot change your domain name after you have purchased it, so you would want to consider it carefully

The Best Domain Names

The following domain names are what I considered good names:

  • meetup
  • lifehacks
  • wikipedia


  • they are short and easy to remember
  • they give you a rough idea what it is about
  • they are broad enough to include a lot of things which they can add on later

To all newbies: I hope I have been of help here, if you need more information or assistance, please comment below, I will do my best to answer.

To all other members: Thanks for taking the time to read this. If my suggestion above is not useful or not workable, do let me know. I am constantly learning and any input from you would help me progress much faster!

Much appreciated...


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thezoulster Premium
Thanks Moon, I think you covered all the bases here. After reading this brief explanation and reading Kyles training, a newbie should have no trouble picking out a niche and a domain name for their website. Very well done.
onebluemoon Premium
Hi there, thanks for your compliments. I intend to link this page to my website, so it is just a basic guide.