Chinese New Year is Here! New apartment time!

Last Update: January 17, 2020

ChineseNew Year is Here!

Bringing my urgency to get out This Week and find my new home!

I have until 9th FEB to move things and relocate

Flat/Apartment HUNTING in china is never straightforward

especially post holiday periods, so

It's been a doggone long week checking out locations, visiting people andapartments, many didn't look up to the photos, or what was written,

I wasn't surprised [after my earlier travel experiences to china] and my blogabout this very thing, it still doesn't get easier, just devious and trickier, more expensiveagent fees [which I try always to avoid like the plague]

Fortunately today Friday I found the perfect CHOICE given it is in china and horrendousprices to rent.


I came upon a new and never used before:

As I see it in shenzhen perhaps in all bigger cities, the grooming of accommodationand channeling of sellers and owners to use certain routes to rent or sell isbecoming like a [press gang operation]

but people seem to go along with it without contesting, many actually FOLLOW whatthey may be believing is new government rules I expect.


It's an option you don't see readily so only by chance I found it. So if you want tokeep your finances lower and not be scorched by approaching agencies in thehigh street. This is the way forward

TheSite is

I recommend it as I found this route easier and less fuss as I can at least checkout photos to get some idea, text the owner or sharing group, and get aresponse to discuss PM wechat or Mobile

It has saved me a deposit I would have otherwise been pushed bent to from agents

The listings are by locations, price, type of accommodation

this supersedes any other means I have used since my time in China.

Finally I found what I wanted

A dog,shared house not apartment, good size all amenities, established surrounds thatsome may call old and typical small town style.

To me it's cool, away from the taller 30+ story buildings, being only 10 floors

Cool international attitude Chinese owner, a chilled out person without the

''give me the money as you walk in or out''


I am moving in on the 7th Feb AMEN!

Promoting this is Not:

I get no financial rewards writing about this APP in this blog, it's for my readersthat may be traveling to china so I just don't want anyone to fall into thetrap that Appear is normal!

so have a nice trip to china and check it out if you are going to live or stay in an apartment for any period

[knowingis saving time, money and headache]




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I wish you and your whole family a wonderful celebration!

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Happy celebration.
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Happy New Year. 👍
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thanks guys and happy 2020 for your family