Why I only use mobile ready RESPONSIVE themes

Last Update: March 17, 2014

I personally will only use "RESPONSIVE themes" as they work on desktop screens, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and mobile phones - out of the box!

Whoa?! Okay, RESPONSIVE simply means it responds automatically to fit the screen on whatever device the website visitor may be using!

Hmm.... how can I test my site to see what it looks like on different devices? Glad you asked!

Go here: www.studiopress.com/responsive/ - type your website name into the top box and hit enter!

The result is a screen full of different sized device screens showing clearly you what your respective user will be seeing. There are other ways, but the easiest is that way.

(Using Firefox browser - press and hold SHIFT and CAPS LOCK at same time - then letter M will also work for example).

To find themes simply search for RESPONSIVE themes.

Ok, so what if mine is not a responsive site? In my opinion, I would consider what my typical visitor is likely to use when surfing the net. We can assume that most older and lower income groups may well be using a deskyop or large screen laptop. If so, this is less of an issue.

If your target market suggests that they would be using a smart phone or tablet, then there is room for thought as to what should I do about my NON-RESPONSIVE site that I already have?

Again, this is all my opinion and preferences here, so what would I do if a client asked me the same question?

Firstly I would consider getting them to agree to recreate the site to become responsive.

If they are not happy to do so I would suggest creating a seperate mobile site and adding a MOBILE USER click "HERE" type link image button on the main site in a relevant position, ie top left. (Another story for another blog!).

My view is to consider this from the beginning stages.

I hope you find this informative and that I have simplified the points herein.

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BeckieG Premium
I, too, prefer the responsive themes, OldMule! I often check my website on my iPhone and I like to be able to actually read it!
OldMule Premium
100%! Thank you for the comment. Have a great day!
norland Premium
Mine looks good. Thank you for that.
cybridge Premium
That helps alot too, now many people are using mobile just to surf the internet and etc. Great post!
OldMule Premium
thank you for the response. Have a magic day!
GatorGal747 Premium
Well, hey there, Old Mule....wondered where you were tonight....now, I know....busy creating more helpful stuff for those who really need it.

Thanks again for combing your libraries and giving us more tools to make our sites better!

OldMule Premium
Be blessed! Thanks for the lovely comments as usual from you! Hugz!
mdvs42 Premium
Again thanks for sharing
OldMule Premium
You are welcome as usual! Cheers for the nod!