How and why you can win or fail with WA!

Last Update: March 20, 2014

Let me start with what made me think to write this for you. Well I have run several sized businesses over the years and worked on project sites, committees and the rest. They are all different, as is this platform here.

There is however one element which is the same. That of course is the actual people involved. So I am writing this as if I am looking down from my ivory office tower and seeing you all very busy here on WA. So far - so good!

I cast my eye across my desktop and see the Activity Dashboard, (Top left).

Ah Activity! One click and here MrsJones007 can see lots of unanswered questions, hmmmm, now I see Mrs Jones007 is opening and reading them and wanting to comment, even though she only joined today!

Oh! Look JohnBoyJohn has seen the chat and he is off - ah yes, he is making new friends, chatting away! Boy this is great, he has even asked if anyone is making any money here yet, very ambitious is he not?

Next we get the Classrooms, ah and hereeeee's Johnny2! He is headed in the right direction, but wait..., he is scrolling all the way to the end, yes he has found the most important one - the affiliate programme. Well he needs to know how much money he will not be making without the website he has not started with yet! At least he did not go straight to Email or Video Marketing?

Ah, next we get the Top 10 list, this is great as PolliPaulina can read the blogs that are currently popular, like those 2 from OldMule! (Yes, you lovely people got us 2 top ten 4 days in a row because you are awesome!), but as PolliPaulina does not know anything about the OldMule, perhaps something from Kyle may have been a bit closer to the reason of joining yesterday?

Fortunately there are currently no notifications so RobDaJob can cruise on to, hang on, what is that - an aeroplane? WOW! Must go check that out dude he smiles and is gone with the fairies for the next hour. Oh well, moving on!

SimplePieMan sees the pen symbol and thinking he may have to write something he skipped past that button and now he is learning how he can rank and be the next ambassador! How cool is he?

PompousPratz has seen the profile button and is seemingly doing a great job on creating a profile page, full of useful stuff about himself and .... wait, hang on, we better take a closer look! What has he written?

"Dear Santa. I have joined this magic pill place and I am going to make a ton of cash! How cool is this WA place? So, my goals are that you give me a Pontiac Muscle V8 with all the trim, holiday home is good, kidz thru coledge, and apart from that I want it in 2 days or a week, if I must wait, thaz ok. i will do writing some more later when I can fink of more to spend the money on. Thanks. Your good friend, PompousPratz". He too is obviously very ambitious?

Get started here, we see WillieWinker has clicked the link and seen the first lesson - great stuff here! Ah, wait, he has just gone through the lesson titles and is now .... ah he found Build My Website, we have a forward thinker here as he is now working out how to send a support ticket as he can not see his 2 free websites! After all he did start 2 hours ago. Must be better than actually doing the lessons first?

GingerVitals has found the bootcamp and gone straight to see what is going on in Phase 2!

Yes, there is a but on the horizon and it could belong to anyone of our lovely members, that would be a sad day! They had finally found a place that could have worked for them - but they did not go to class and step up to the steps!

I know just as anyone else that it is difficult to find a group of fairly like minded people, yet we have that at WA.

Those who win here HAVE done the classes, taken the steps, asked for help and through determination and focus and commitment to themselves, have themselves succeeded.

So please do not be a MrsJones007, JohnBoyJohn, Johnny2, PolliPaulina, RobDaJob, PompousPratz, WillieWinker or a GingerVitals!

[These names are the property of me and should never be used here on WA, or elsewhere, ... please, ... for your own sake, ... really!]

And there has to be only one OldMule, surely?!

Here is hoping that you enjoyed the post but also got the jest of the potential waste of time and energy that doing things you do not need to, instead of focusing on your goals, and by following the steps, is simply a massive waste of time, energy and potential revenue!

Please feel to like, discuss and comment and Facebook at top of page when you can.

Please also read and like my other blogs to?!

Thank you in advance.

Tomorrows blog: "Sitemaps - what are they and what do they do?!"

Have a question you feel may help others too? Please just shout me!


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chinky1979 Premium
Yes I think you are right.We need to do the lessons as much as possible but at the same time it is too easy to get lost in conversation! LOL
OldMule Premium
Tooo easy! Thanks for the comment and the read!
Jason T Premium
Great stuff I love it So very true
OldMule Premium
Thanks for reading and commenting!
jordifont6 Premium
Hi Oldmule! My problem is that I get lost within this huge information and trainning community. I'm following the certification courses but every morning I sit down and try to learn new things but sometimes I don't know exactly where to start: write a post? look for a new class? read other members comments? start a discussion? go into the chat? ... and so on. I don't to know how to separate the "good and value" information from just "the nformation". And I pressume, many people get lost in this path. And they give up. I wonder if there would be a much clear way to sort out the information. Maybe I feel like a baby when you need to hold hands with your mum :)
OldMule Premium
I fully understand and get you. We are here to hold your hand when you need it, there are many things to learn.
The best suggestion I can make is as follows.
Consider your class time as the most important activity for the day and allocate exactly how much time a day you are going to give to that. Follow that and then as a reward for the efforts, spend a little time reading others blogs and so on.
Especially in the beginning stages - focus is key.
Also, if need be, why not get a friend to do it at your place together.
Learn together, do the class 10 times if you need to.
Then build a site each and you both get to help each other learn, build and grow?
Hope this will be of some help.
gusti Premium
hey Jordi, you're not alone, I'm there with you in that department.
I got 'lost' quite often. Everything here is brand new for me to chew! I got chocked every other day! But there's always silver lining in every occurrence.. :-))

So, 1 month, no website yet, still afraid of social media (except WA), now days I just enjoying my 'euphoria' getting confused, stumble from one lesson to another and end up making a lot of friends here. That's my silver lining.. You'll be ok Jordi.. :-))
zolkifle Premium
Me too. Is any where simple guideline that we can refer? There are many functions and tools that we can use in WA. We can go with many type of combination.

So far below is what I have done.
1. Register as Free Member
2. Follow all instruction in "Get Started Here"
3. Confidence that this is right place to get a team to keep me positive and then upgrade to Premium Member
4. Complete build website and continuously add content everyday
5. Look for mentor. Found OldMule.
6. Read this blog. Target to complete all OldMule post by this month
OldMule Premium
A magic feedback and list - good for you and cheers for sharing my friend!
I trust things are going well for you so far? If you need any help - remember to shout me!
tweet76 Premium
That was nice . Enjoyed it and got the point .
OldMule Premium
Cheers for the read and the comment my friend!
Inspiration1 Premium
Dear OldMule, You are abundantly true. But, in the initial days the chics and children are more curious about the environment. Also, the knowledge of the environment is crucial for their existence. But, yes, the 'emphasis' or the 'Bull's eye' is somewhere else. They must be made aware of it. You have done it. This is the beauty of WA that somebody is always there to correct somebody somewhere. Thanks!
OldMule Premium
Thank you for firstly reading my blog. Secondly I appreciate fully your thoughts, agreeing with the curious nature etc. I am hoping though the message will get through as to get finished being curious and get going into growth the sooner the better is the way.
Much appreciated and hope we chat soon again. Thanks.