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Last Update: March 16, 2014

Request from: urtimelyal - Premium member

"I'm wondering if you might consider a follow up to your blog by way of sharing your thoughts on the function (purpose) of both blog and banner? Everyone has an idea what they are, But their uses are pretty specific. Also, would you comment on how these dynamically correlate to the purpose and thematic message of the website?"
- Al Hurley


Why a blog? Good one - the main difference that we should consider is that a blog post is "pingged" the moment we publish it!

This means it starts being circulated in the search engines immediately as oppose to a regular static website whereby Google and the other search engine robots may take weeks to index your page/s.

Why a header? Another good one - think Coke, Nike etc - when you get to their site you recognise the "brand - logo - picture" straight away. So after a few visits, people begin to remember seeing the name - logo - picture, which of course applies to your website to!

Thematically speaking - in simple terms, stand back, look at your site and say - is it pleasing to the eye? If so, your visitors may well stay on your pages much longer.

Hoping this answers the thinking Al @ urtimelya and thanks for the question.

Feel free to do as Al and shout me request or question you think we should blog about.

Tomorrows blog is: Free stuff that may help you here at WA!

"Go for gold!"

Please keep the likes,questions, comments coming!

(The Facebookers can hit the Facebook like for me too as they mean different things).


PS! Thank you - your votes meant I hit a top 10 list today with my "Niche Idea blog!"

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urtimelyal Premium
Hi, Andy. Thank you for a a terrific follow-up. I think it does the trick. The McDonald Golden Arches always comes to mind. They can be seen from a mile away. Nothing to read, just begin salivating for a burger and fries. And what about a simple stop sign. Nobody reads a stop sign. They recognize the symbol.

Someone sees your logo on your website and says "Yeah, I'm at the right place. That was easy enough." Thanks again, Andy. Keep 'em coming. - Al Hurley
OldMule Premium
Thanks for the nod. Most welcome anytime and liking your Mc D and stop sign refs. Have a great day.
kk2014 Premium
Thanks! I didn't realize about the "ping" for blogs! Guess it's hard to pick up everything, there's so much to learn!
OldMule Premium
I still learn something every day after 20 years in the biz! The good thing is, we really only need to learn the stuff we NEED to do! Makes it a smaller problem. Have a great day!
HighwayMan Premium
You're a champion Old Mule. I'm gonna to be pestering you a bit in the next few weeks me thinks...get me some of dat knowledge.
OldMule Premium
Would be offended if you did not! Ha! Have a great day!
terryellen Premium
great info, thanks you
OldMule Premium
You are most welcome - reach out if you need, there is sooo much out here in WA land!
Thanx for your explanations, I never did know what "pinging" meant :o))
OldMule Premium
Cheers. Hoping my blogs will all be a bit different, short and offer some value! Thanks for the nod!