Summer of Pwnage Event Yields 64 Security Bugs in WordPress Core and Plugins

Last Update: July 24, 2016

Summer of Pwnage (SOP) is an event taking Place in Amsterdam and it’s expected that the affair would come up with huge success. Bothe the organisers and the WordPress Community who at present are reaping the awards as bug reports are helping to secure the code with optimistic results. The event promoted the opportunities for Dutch Infosec along with the programming community that serves as the useful way to learn about web security. Here, one may make use of workshop along with the coders that would be helpful to explore new errors leading to weak security. Securify is the company, which organised the entire event planned to concentrate on a single technology that would turn out as the effective options for the future versions of SOP.

This year they selected WordPress technology due to a large number of users preferring CMS. The familiarity among all the coders of recent times and the views of security experts is another cause due to which they chose WordPress as the ultimate technology. The event got a schedule according to which the entire July month would be covered and recently about 64 security bugs were discovered in WordPress CMS as well as in some popular plugins.

Researchers and Securify itself came out with certain good solutions and were capable of fixing about 18 of these vulnerable issues. Apart from this, 46 other issues were reported and the projects, which were responsible for resolving the issue, are now developing new patches in order to get rid of the intricacies. The names of other issues that are yet to b e reported are like DoS (Denial of Service), persistent XSS (cross-site-scripting) and the CSRF bug attacking the WordPress CMS. The persistent XSS issue is attacking two plugins WooCommerce and All in One SEO and researchers are trying to come out with effective solutions.

All the participants are carefully analysing with an intention to find out the bugs submitting the detailed report. So, the main aim of the event is to teach the IT students the important facts about technology that would help them to explore a better career with sound knowledge on the specific technology revealed here. The conversation is currently carried out by the Securify employees but it’s expected that very soon it would inspire the audience outside that would make the future events more interesting. There are lots of subscriptions and the event would come out with good turnout making it the successful one. Manifold issues would be identified at the event affecting WordPress CMS as well as WordPress plugins and the participants would come up with the useful information.

Security would come out with another big project next year that would be really a nice knowledge-sharing platform for students studying IT. People can easily pick up certain things that would even inspire them to follow the affair knowing the final results. One can experience better communication that would be helpful to gain knowledge on useful technologies ensuring a suitable career in real time.

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