A Fruitful Day where I turn Premium, on a Theme.

Last Update: November 30, 2020

Hello WA Family,

Seeing so many of you turning either Premium yearly or going for Premium Plus, and I could only just sit on the sideline waiting next year to renew my membership, the buying mood caught on with me nevertheless.

It was a tough fight, challenging myself is it a need or a want, but alas, I think it is a half-half.

So I thought I went ahead and grab the offer to buy GeneratePress Premium theme which is on offer at $39 for an annual license compared to the usual $59.

Since I joined WA, GP has been on my mind, and perhaps on everyone's mind too.

I didn't quite like the free version as it has some limits on customization, though it is definitely functional enough.

When I first started with WA, I have no clue what is a WordPress theme and just followed Kyle's training and went to choose a theme that I like, not knowing what I'm getting into.

It is then I learned that GP is one of the best performing theme.

The theme that I am currently using usually has mobile page speed in the 80s or below so I can't say that it is very bad (I suppose).

I like the look and feel of the current theme I am using. But regardless, I got the buy-in many months back that I should switch to GP someday. Just that, the limited customization of a free GP theme means I may not be able to configure as close to what I have now, although I don't know whether I could do that even with a premium theme.

So anyway, here I am, got a bargain during Black Friday to finally purchase the GP Premium theme that I want (or need? Lol).

It will be something to keep me busy in the coming months and perhaps putting a bit more skin in the game will kick me to work on my website faster.

Besides, I have plans to create new niche websites so those will definitely go with GP.

So at $39, that is a cost savings since I'm going to create new websites anyway (I am still selling to myself to convince that I am spending wisely...)

Maybe I should see this as my Christmas present, then perhaps I won't feel so bad. But I also bought a budget mic and ring light during 11.11... what's got into me with all that spending...

I really hope I have nothing else to buy on 12.12... oh darn... I still need to buy a phantom power for my budget mic to boost the mic volume..

How embarrassing.

Anyway, wishing everyone nice days ahead. As usual, stay safe, wear masks.


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DCaribbeanQ Premium
Wonderful Richard, Investing in your business is always a good move.

Candy Benn
OCH3943 Premium
Good point, Candy. You convinced me I make the right choice. I am indeed investing in my business, isn't it? Yes, great. Thanks! I was thinking about it for some moments whether I did this on impulse.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
I'm with you on getting GP premium. Very good flexibilty!
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you so much, Rosana. :)
Newme202 Premium
Well done Richard on your purchase. Another step to achieving your success
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Simone!

I was thinking this is perhaps sometimes like paying for a Gym membership. Actually, we could have just go exercise by ourselves but we had to pay to make us exercise...

I'm paying for an annual license to me work harder on my website.. lol.
Newme202 Premium
Lol Richard. That is exactly what it is!
Palatia Premium Plus
Congrats, Richard. I think the GP Premium is more than worth it. It is much more customizable than most any other theme. So play with it. You should be able to get the look you want. You can also use Sections to make full-width image sections on your home page if you want. Let us know if you have questions.

OCH3943 Premium
Thank you, Paula! I will play with it. Good to know I can use sections to make full-width image sections on my homepage. Going to be exciting! :)
Only1Hugh Premium
Keep up the fight Richard you will get there.

OCH3943 Premium
Thank you for the encouragement, Hugh!