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I am so glad to be back here with a renewed mindset - being more focussed and 'together'.

My goal is to leave my part-time job as soon as I can so that I can be at home at look after my better half who has back problems.

The success stories in the forum are greatly inspiring, and with the help of Kyle & Carson's 30-Day Plan I hope I can reach at least the same achievement.
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martyn01202 Premium
Thanks for the buddy request
Nuttymeg Premium
just been thru Mad Marketer, thanx JLRider - really found it easy to follow and helpful - as a complement to starting over on the WA Training course - nearly completed first week - just need to finish the WP tutorial and set up the website.
martyn01202 Premium
ooh, I know what you mean by the back-op, I too had one about 18mths ago and it knocked me out of work for around six months.
I'm OK now though and using the Internet for a large part of my new income. You'll be fine, welcome along, never give up.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Nuttymeg Premium
Hello, thank you for dropping by. I'm an eternal optimist in the face of all challenges - I never give up. So, I'm not giving up on my quest to seek financial freedom from the drudge of the everyday grind. I'm happily married to Ian, and we have a cute little girl, Eleanor, aged 10 at the time of writing this.

I've not done any IM before though we dabbled in MLM for a while. It was fun but not very financially stable. So have decided to concentrate on something I hope will be more solid. So, I'm on yet another learning curve. Looking forward to looking at all the tutorials in WA. Hope to contribute back to you significantly soon.