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August 10, 2018
Ok, so you know by now that I sorely lack patience. I wrote earlier about paying for the Pro version of my theme choice. The support team was Johnny-on-the-Spot when I wrote inquiring about the upgrade. They were also right there when they sent me the activation keyword that I needed to activate the upgrade. But I ran into an installation issue and had to seek support from the theme managers. Two emails and three days later and all I’m hearing are crickets. Is this company going to be
August 08, 2018
Well, I made a discovery today which you may or may not already be aware of. When you’re choosing themes to construct your website, be sure to check to see if they offer a Pro version. What that means is that you will have to pay to have full functionality of your theme. For example, I wanted to change the font color in my header in the theme I’ve chosen. I tried and tried to no avail. I finally broke down and contacted IT who advised me to contact the theme manager. When I d
August 07, 2018
We be jammin!. So I've got all my current issues worked out. Figured out how to delete an unwanted website. Got a new one set up and configured (almost). But at least I have now reached a level where I'm up to speed and caught up with the training. I have learned my lesson about taking baby steps as one of our wise members advised. I'm not putting pressure on myself anymore and that seems to be working. This is not a race and I need to work at my own speed. I have one unanswered questi
August 06, 2018
So now that I seem (hopefully) to have my computer issues resolved, I spent Saturday doing some general research. This whole scenario is like learning a foreign language, so I got a "Blogging for Dummies" book from the library and have a "Wordpress for Dummies" on order. I also spent some time on Google, Amazon and Walmart researching things that would be pertinent to my niche.I learned a lot of great info but to be honest, I'm really conlicted about this whole process. Sometimes a little kno
August 05, 2018
Good Morning All: As some of you may know, I’ve been really frustrated for the last few days because I couldn’t get my blogs to publish to WA. I tried everything thing I could think of including going back over the training to see if I had missed something. I even reached out to several of you for advice, which was greatly appreciated even if it didn’t help. LOL So I finally broke down and called my Computer Support System Managers. I’d been having other issues with
August 03, 2018
Ok, so I'm really excited about finding WA. I all into the training and having fun creating my website. I found a theme I like and an image I like. I'm all proud of the way I've got the website set up so far. So now its time for me to do the keyword search. This was fairly easy. Then things come to a screeching halt. There aren't any affiliates that come up using my keywords. Tthats zero, zilch, nada. Needless to say my balloon is a little delfated at this time. Seems no one but me is