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September 04, 2018
I'm pulling my hair out! I have tried and tried and tried to get the links out of my website post. Nothing I do helps. If I rewrite the sentence that includes the link, that link goes away only to reappear in a different section of the post. Totally unrelated. All the links are from a company called Ads by Easy Direction. I dont know what else to do. Any suggestions before I go get my Hari Kari knife?
September 02, 2018
Today I finished my first rewrite according to the keyword template. I had already published a couple of blogs to my website (like I said before, I sometimes tend to get ahead of myself) but now have to rewrite them. Which I dont mind even though its more work. At least I'm learning and I dont consider anything a mistake as long as I learn from it.Since I already had the resserch done and the basic article, all I had to do was tweak it and apply it to the template. It is now a fait accompli
The Little Engine That Could Looking back on my progress through WA so far, I’m reminded of that childhood story about The Little EngineThat Could. That story impressed kids with the knowledge that if they only tried, they could overcome any obstacle. That is exactly how I felt when I found WA. I have always loved writing and have researched online businesses off and on for years. Coming across the opportunity to do both here at WA was like a dream come true. Running On The Flat T
August 21, 2018
Another day, another mountain to climb. I was running errands yesterday and I noticed that the brakes on my car felt a little mushy. Yiou have to understand that I drive a 20 year old rust bucket, so I wasnt too surprised. I made it home and was able to coast into my driveway because by this time the brake pedal was going all the way to the floor. Not good. So I went inside and consulted by two favorite relatives, Uncles Google and Youtube. Come to find out the problem could be that I did
August 18, 2018
Since I've been on the topic of time. Someone suggested that I write down all my daily activities so I could see how much time I spend on each one. So here is my attempt to do so.Sat 8/18/18 (prophetic numbers by the way)8 AM to 1PMThis is my typical weekend day:woke up, got coffee, fed the cat and did her daily ministrations, made and ate breakfast, changed my bed, read my emails, responded to my WA emails, did the dishes, read more emails, saved some articles for my post research, cleaned m
August 17, 2018
There are no two ways about it. There is just not enough time in the day to get all the things done that I need to do. Between working from home for 5 hours each day, housework, cooking, running errands etc, I dont have much time left for writing content. I spend a lot of time researching material for my posts but I find myself at the end of the day feeling like I didnt get much accomplished. I'm also a firm believer in carving out a little "me" time too. I need that couple of hours to sit
August 16, 2018
Today we lost one of my genertions music icons. Aretha Franklin died today at the age of 76. She entertained millions with her great music. She will be missed. RIP Aretha.
August 12, 2018
If you’re like me, a newbie, you’re struggling with which font to use on your websilte so that its easy to read on all devices. Let me share with you some things I found out about this issue. The type of font you choose will determine how easy it is for people to read your content.What that says is that all fonts matter (yeah, a little play on words there LOL).I researched this on the Internet and came across this article: If you
August 12, 2018
Just wanted to give you an update on the saga of the non-existent customer service from my theme managers. As Gomer Pyle would say, sur-prize sur-prize. After 5 days, I FINALLY got an email today from my theme managers wanting me to send my website info. They're asking for my admin name and password. Ha!. I think not.The lack of response to my request for customer service has made me very suspicious of this bunch. This may be a completely legitimate request but I'm not taking a chance. Th
August 11, 2018
Thanks to one of our members, I now have my Pro theme up. Since I still have not heard from the theme managers (after 4 days), its now time to out them for their poor (make that non-existant) customer service. The company is The Bootstrap Themes. Upon further investigation, I discovered that they are headquartered in Nepal, which means they are not covered by US laws That should have been my first clue. The second was that they had no contact number. The only way you could contact them wa