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Hello WAers,For those of you who want a new social plugin, the WP Ultimate Social Plugin is easy to use. Add it to your plugin, activate, and modify the settings you want. It is very easy to follow, I tested it on my siterubix site and it works fine. It is completely free and includes an email subscribe form also.
July 11, 2016
Hi WAers, Just to let you know of the news that I learned today about the hacking of Twitter CEO account. More on this at everyone the heads up on protecting our online identity.
June 18, 2016
Everytime I am opening my Gmail Inbox, I am quite getting paranoid of the number of emails coming from my trusted source, I don't want to delete them and its quite frustrating to label them where they come from, so what I did is to create a new label per month, woooooo!!! my inbox now at the time of this writing, 6:52AM EDT, was down to 500 which is not hard to populate, and delete/save what I want.
The more I stayed in WA, the more it get's excited. Although there are still many things to do in my website, I am just happy that there is something going on, not money yet, but when I sign up for google analytics, I have noticed that I have visitors already, as I am seeing them, though I don't know them, the more I am getting excited to succeed, and the more I would like to devote in this affiliate marketing and the more ideas are sprouting out of my mind, TIME IS NOT ENOUGH.NROSALES
March 14, 2016
RELAX whenever you feel stuck and stress on what you re doing, it does not mean that you will forget what you are doing, take a time, let's say half an hour to relax and refresh your mind and body to decrease the effect of stress. Relaxation may take a back set in your life according to Mayo Clinic. Relaxation can improve concentration and mood so whatever you're doing, relaxing will help you get back on track.Relaxation can boost confidence, so we can handle and tackle our problems with ease
March 09, 2016
"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill."The more you're actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel" - Sir Richard BransonI can relate myself to the two quote above. Here in WA, even if I am slow and even if I am paying a monthly fee, I am just saying to myself, you feel happy with the community, you love being in touch with people and at the same time you are learning, and that is the equivalent of what you are spending