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September 17, 2016
Hello Waers, I am having a hard time creating menus on my new site. Look everywhere but I cannot find the answer to what I want. This is the image of the Menu structure on edit menus of the new site.My old site has this image.The old site has the items Most Recent, View All, and Search while the new site has none of those.What is wrong with the editing menus on the new site. Please help and many thanks. I want to post this on question but I cannot insert images on question.Thanks in advance
September 12, 2016
Hello Waers,Microsoft System Configuration, msconfig for short, is an important tool of Microsoft software application which is use to change configuration settings like software that opens up with Windows at start-up. Msconfig has several useful tabs like General, Boot, Services, Start-Up and Tools.In Windows 10, the easiest way to load System Configuration is to type "msconfig" on the Search Bar located in your taskbar, it is beside the Windows logo.When you start Windows and it seems slow,
September 10, 2016
Hello Waers,Grammarly is the world's most accurate online grammar checker which is free for basic uses, it is a free extension of Google Chrome. As you type in your editor, the little G follows along checking your grammar, punctuation, words, and spelling which is very helpful to make you credible in your posts.You can get it by clicking the three horizontal lines located in the uppermost corner of your Chrome browser, head to "SETTINGS" and click on "EXTENSION", scroll down and look for "GET
September 04, 2016
Hello Waers,Task Manager is an important tool for all Window users. This is the tool that will show you why the computer is slow and it will help you to do some actions for those programs that drain your CPU, RAM, disk, and network resources.Task Manager can be opened in three ways.Keyboard Shortcut : Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESCMouse Shortcut : Place your cursor on an empty space on your taskbar and right click it.Traditional Method : Press CTRL + ALT + DeleteWhen you are closing a program manua
August 27, 2016
Control Panel is very helpful for us to make some changes in our computer like keyboard and mouse functions, passwords and users, network settings, power management, desktop backgrounds, sounds, hardware, program installation and removal, speech recognition and parental controls.Control Panel is the place in Windows where to go if you want to customize something in the way you want your computer to how it looks or works.In Windows 10, Control Panel is not visible all the time but there are ways
August 25, 2016
Hello Waers,I just received an email from one of the technology newsletter since I was in school, and I would like to share this technology term "SCAREWARE", a type of malware also which is designed to trick victims to download personal information. It generates pop-ups that looks like an error message. It looks very real and it alerts the user that there is a large number of infected files on your machine. You will be prompted to call a phone number or click on a link to clean the infection
August 22, 2016
Google Chrome has many extension that will help us to stay more productive on our online business. All you need is to figure out what extension you need and add it on your browser. The following are the steps to get those helpful extensions.1. On Google Chrome browser, on the top right corner click this three horizontal line to bring up the "SETTINGS" Window and click it.2. On Chrome Settings window, click on "EXTENSION" and scroll down to "GET MORE EXTENSION" on the bottom of Chrome Setting
Hello WA'ers,I just discover two handy tools which makes me feel good knowing that there are no major issues on my website. Website Grader will give an insight of how well your website is in terms of performance, mobile, seo and security. I did not pay anything but if you want them to do something for your site, the pricing is expensive but for now, I am already satisfied with the free result. Visit this : one is SEO Audit Tool by Found, it will identify S
July 27, 2016
Hello WAers,Here is a link where you can learn on how to reserve the upgrade of Windows 10 after the July 29th deadline. Hope the site will help those who wants to grab the free upgrade. With Windows 10, you can save by not paying for virus protection software as windows 10 has a free windows defender that is protecting you in the background if you will enable it in the settings.,
July 18, 2016
Hello WAers,I would like to share this important news for those who are still using Win 7 and Win 8.1 operating system. Time is running out to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The free upgrade will be only until July 29.Here is the deal:You can bring your old PC to an Answer Desk at a Microsoft Sore, they will take care of the upgrade process for you for free and have your computer ready by the end of the day, and if it is not ready, you will get a free Dell Inspiron 15 as long as you meet the