Surprise milestone

Last Update: September 27, 2019

Even so, I always try to have the view over my main site; an happy surprise was waiting for me in last week!

I was using a tool for counting words on my site. I had been looking for a useful tool for a while without success. I had to find out that Jaaxy was not 100% about posts and wanted to find a tool with good recommendations from users, real users. I got a hint from friends about this tool. I have been working in to have my posts longer, but friendly and easy to read at the same time.

I have always been looking at old sites with a lot of posts and words because I am sure it counts a lot. And my ranking has been giving me a hint to add with older posts. And I have done it, both with the material but mostly with the WA system of offering comments. Absolute a brilliant way to help people here, I have seen it in so many posts.

For example, I have now 1620 comments on the site.

But I thought I need much more time to have a very high and good sum of words on the site. When I tested with putting my domain in the tool, I saw it was a problem, so I did it again. But the same issue come up, to a high number of words!

But after testing and checking, I found out that the tool was right! My site has now more than 540.000 words! From 194 posts!

It was a happy "shock" I must admit! So the summary os the story is, I guess, slowly but steady works!

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Linda103 Premium
Well done Johann, that's wonderful. What an accomplishment, hard work pays off.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Johan,

Congratulations, that is a body of work. Chipping away does the trick.

Best wishes as you continue to create your content
klchang Premium
Wow! 540,000 words ... 194 posts? Wow!
You are awesome, Johann.
All the best and success to you.
Swangirl Premium
Hello Johann,

You are always steadily progressing and every time I hear from you I am impressed with all you have accomplished.

That is a ton of comments! Congratulations.

I am always pleasantly surprised at how much comments improve my post rankings.

Noteboom Premium
Thank you, Jessica.

Yes, comments have a huge effect. One of the most important parts of the ranking.

I guess it shows that turtles move because I have many times that feeling of my works! But I take many times 2 steps back but then come 3 or even 4 forwards!
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Johann,

That is a lot of words. I have never checked this only when I work on my draft on my website I see how many words I have. In old times I found it difficult to write 700 words and nowadays to reach 1500 has become easy.
Both websites have 85 posts and more than 1500 comments so I think the total words will also be quite high but I am sure you will beat me.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Noteboom Premium
Hi Taetske.

It is not a question of beat someone, we work together!
And we must never forget to have number one quality and your posts are always in the Primer League about that!