100 posts!

Last Update: September 19, 2018

I got a new milestone today when I published my post number 100 on my main website! And it was around 4300 words, so it took time!

I have changed a lot of things last 2-3 weeks which have made a lot of effort, and sometimes tricky thought if it was right to do this rather than that!

But I believe it was right even, so it has been a massive work to change things, take significant steps in development, etc.

What I have done is that I have decided to use two methods with keywords research/strategy in writing posts. I firmly believe it will be a good combo. On if it has, as far as I know, not been used for a long time but have had success. I plan to write short and basic training about it because the ideology is pure. But the keywords research takes more time than the tradition is worth it.

I had pushed even more effort than before in comments and used to the possibility to buy comments (credits) here in WA to save time. As my budget is not much I need to thought about it, but I haven´t to much time, so I decided I needed to use that risk.

My most important, and take the most time, was to change the plugin for Amazon. As much as I liked EazyAzon, it didn´t manage to solve the changes in Amazon soon enough. Took me time to find new software but I´m pleased with my decision. But need to change 99 posts so...

I´m very focused to have 50% info posts and 50% posts money posts. I look at the best of posts as money posts, but I know not everybody agrees with me there.

I change too social shares and likes also. Tested some and now I´m happy about it.

Change software around me post lists which maybe have had an effort on my social share, but I believe it will recover. At least I will give it some months.

And I change my strategy too about social media. Focus on three but are given one of it a short time to show me it´s good enough. At the same time, I put a lot of works in one of this 3, much more than before.

Plus a more of small but important things.

I still have not much traffic, but it had raise steadily after I finish the sandbox. Each month from April to July was 22-23% more traffic than best months before that month. And then come to Agust with close to 44% more than the best month before it. September was worse than Agust but better than most months. I believe it had to look with all this change in mind.

So I hope things start rolling in the right way. It was a big motivation for me when I saw that I could use Payoneer to let me get rid of the simple checks Amazon use. Here is Iceland many banks not even take check which is not strange.

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Johann,

You have been a busy bee. You have done a lot of improvements to your site. I am happy to hear you see an increase in visitors as that indicates you are getting known. All in all, this is good news, well done!

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Noteboom Premium
Thank you.
MKearns Premium
Posting goals are well worthwhile!
CravenATAT Premium
Congrats on the progress! It is quite the milestone to get 4300 words, not to mention 100 posts! The fact that you are generating even more traffic is inspiring to those of us who are still growing
Noteboom Premium
Thank you.