How To Make Full Use of Your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account

Last Update: May 08, 2016

Here’s how you can take full advantage of your Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account.

1. See that Green “Get Started Here” Button on the Top Left? Click It!

There are lots of free online business training and resources available here on Wealthy Affiliate. This can be confusing and overwhelming at times. The Getting Started course will walk you through step by step using bite size lessons design to help you navigate the library of information here.

2. Need Answers?

Got a question, type it in the search box above. Chances are someone in the community already have answers to your questions. If not, just create a discussion in the classroom.

3. Don’t be the Faceless Bogeyman

It is difficult talking to a faceless person. Having an account properly set up here (with image and profile description), will lead to much better communication within the community and can actually lead to 5x more support and followers here within the community.

Last but not least, don’t forget you can create 2 free WordPress websites with your Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account. This is important. You may have a business idea that is still in your head only. Or a business plan that is really not doing anything other than taking space on your hard drive.

Start a blog or website about it. Let it bounce around the web rather than turning stale in your head.

You can unleash it out onto the Internet using your free sites here. I called it real-time business learning from the get-go. Yes, it is probably terrible in the beginning but you will get a better feel and feedback on whether the business is feasible/profitable/suitable for you and tweak it as you go along. ;)
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AnisChity Premium
The free membership is amazing! other community will charge for the same features available in the free membership.