The Wealthy Affiliate Chronology: 7 Quick Timeline Study Tips

Last Update: Jun 8, 2021

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Chronolgies tell a story timeline, and this quick guide gives 7 tudy tips to help along with research for Wealthy Affiliates.

Today, I attended Vickie Milazzo's Zoom Webinar

It had an expert Personal Injury Consultant named Barbara Goldstein

No car was needed, so I didn't have to go far

So sit back, relax and I'll explain what I gleaned

In a personal injury case, the quick review is used to give the first taste

A review is used that sums up the case

But it gives a brief synopsis, because there isn't time to waste

Only when the case goes to trial are the details investigated

To make sure the timeline is carefully navigated

This got me thinking outside the box

Beside loving Vickie, I tell you she rocks

As I pondered it dawned on me a way to help out success as you market

Wealthy Affiliates who use this could surely benefit

There was a dude in a scooter who ran into the elevator

But the forgiveness to the manufacture of the people lifter didn't come out till later

The guy died, rest his soul and his family inevitably cried

Unfortunately the next case example also got me misty eyed

Goldstein prudently pried

What she found out was a surprise

The man's trigger finger was stuck, gripping the recalled scooter

So, it was his luck that was the intruder

To the elevator company's elation, they were relieved from making an expensive donation

Then there once was a lady with a messed up neck

It hit home to me, because she got in a wreck

The lady wanted to blame an unrelated subsequent injury

Goldstein went to work, to find what might have been buried

All in all, the gap of treatment was proven

Crash unrelated with years later bruises

What occurred to me, aside from some who can't resist malingering

Not to be dismissed, as the problem is still stinging

A practice of a few misusing systems makes it hard for others

That abuse is a theft that rolls my eyes, oh brother

Now that I got the eye roll out of the way

The magic of this could just make your day

Without futher Dr. Seuss Rhymes from a nurse who does respect time...

7 Quick Timeline Study Tips, A Chronology from my Heart to Wealthy Affiliates

1) Jot down progress you have made this far, if it is only the beginning ok (then it won't be too hard)

2) Keep track of the brief synopsis to offer your followers

3) Think where you've been for that time in your history and write goals based on the story

4) Publish your track record, according to Kyle, and update this once in awhile

5) If you are going large, incorporating- be prepared to have a more detailed accounting

6) Create a timeline of events, clients, achievements, money made and spent

7) Use the Chronology for cetrifugal force to create a detailed presentation for future professional course

Please use the idea in your trajectory, this timeline not only tells your story, but will be a great resource for others to use. I know I'm strange with my poetic muse. But I wanted to give you tools, track it down for more proof. A business plan can seem eluding, and I hope I'm not intruding. But from me to you, there is a lesson we can use.

Gaps on progress can leave to question, don't digress and keep on guessing:

  • Follow your own path and keep track it will give you success and leave your opponents confessing. Instead of confusion
  • here on our training are spectacular tools, resources and a community just your you
  • The idea is to have a written path of what is working and what is not, so you can make a plan moving forward and give other members a shot

You might notice how some referrals drop off, like a pathological rhythm of heart we nurses know as Winckebock (This is a kind of serious heart block)

It was hopping along to the beat then later and later until the electrical impulse is completely missing. If this picture doesn't make sense, we called the stage 2 heart block the unfaithful spouse who was later and later until he didn't make it home to his house. Then the relationship ended in divorce (but with the rhythm without advanced cardiac intervention, it ends in death of course.) The idea is the concept to give your folks reassurance, I didn't mean to relate it to derrogatory occurrence.🤷‍♂️ I know, I know the referral who quit maybe your friend not exactly an arrested heart or cheating husband...I was just having some nurse fun. Nursing and Wealthy Affiliate isn't for everyone.

But Giving a response and setting a record might keep the referral (heart or stray hubby) from giving up altogether and leaving your network. Setting examples in writing is a way to review, I hope a chronology will be of good use.

And that the funky style will give you another reason to smile!


Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

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