Last Update: January 17, 2020

Suspenders are not just a good old way to keep pants up without further damage to sciatica from big thick wallets...

Also straight up redneck or hillbilly or hiphop of sorts fashion..

Or just a cute outfit for kids on birthday #5:)

A term that means keeping people in suspense.

...Suspenders are useful for Wealthy Affiliates to get superfans for their brand.

Marketing strategy can hold in a measure of suspense to build up anticipation.

For the record, and FYI... Lilah, being five, ahem, does NOT need help with her game!:) We went to see Doolittle how wonderful a show for a great time in the new electric reclining theater chairs. Glowing buttons oooh lah lah.

Now, I would not keep people in suspense intentionally, but have been stuck uploading for 2 new trainings to offer a suspended thank you. I am hoping to pay forward some more to all the comments, advice and help given for Nurse Becca blogs ranked in Yahoo, Bing and Googles good graces. Facing my fears of videos over a year has been a suspender for me for sure. Keeping myself in suspense while getting through beta tech junk jklol.

Moving on, the movies had me pondering suspenders.

It had me thinking about the suspense tactic nurse entrepreneurs have used in mastermind sessions. YouTube trailers, live book pre-launch rallies, and small sections of larger courses. Giving the fans a little more sneak peaks of great secrets are all suspenders you can also utilize for helping grow traffic on your site, blog and videos. Cards with polls are also an example, if you see what I am getting at.

Suspenders keep britches on but also keep people's hopes up.

The big Google-goorooz have realeased an email with video link that I'd like to give a good jibba review and 6 out of 5 star recommendation. I hope Wealthy Affiliate members will be able to learn from this and use the info for success.

De Graaf on Think With Google States the point is not really the intention, but also understanding pain points. By this model, the need driving the intent. People don't wake up and say I have intent, but they may wake up with I have a need. Apparently artificial intelligence and actual people are brainstorming #wow! Marketing technology! There are 6 main points (consumer needs) that can help with your suspenders:

1. Thrill them (helps them get their kicks like a wild ride)☆

2. Surprise them (helps them BOO! oh not that sorta surprise per se, but almost akin to feeling impressed)☆

3. Impress them (helps them ooh lah lah the UX, or hayyy would you look at THAT!?)☆

4. Reassurance for their esteem (helps them to feel better rather than fear missing out or making the wrong purchase)☆

5. Education for their Knowledge (helps them with learning)☆

6. Help them (helpful info, generally)☆

Presenting abstracts & snippets of video, responding to special requests and keeping any one of these philosophies in mind. Falling under these categories, with this in mind it helps to specify. Yes, we all want to help them but who are they and how?

lucrative philanthropy?

About the kiddo in suspenders. She overcame an absent septum pellucidum that was benign, instead turned out a genius. Also, she overcame and the hyperbilirubinemia was destroyed by triple phototherapy and infinite prayers. Last year had quite a scare of topical skin therapy that she came out with no scars. A shout out to 5 years of Lilah Grace.

Always the left clasp when she sits ah well, after the doolitle, " help MOM! My SUSPENDER! I need to do a DANCE! " She tapped her applause, sweetest kid ever.

We do need suspenders with the intent to keep britches up for tapdancing a proper applause.


Nurse get er done suspender Becca (AKA mom)

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rhealth101 Premium
There are times in our life that the content that is in our heads, brains and our hearts, leaves us into suspense wondering where it may lead us to in life and / or how other people may respond or react to what material that you are presenting to them.

The question is often ask, where is this content going to take me? Where is this content going to take my audience? Is the content that you are presenting to your audience, going to be a solution to their problem, and to what level of understanding is your audience to be achieving?

Is there going to be a need for this content? There is always going to be a need for your content. There maybe a required for a different method of how to present certain things to certain people for the purpose of better understanding, but there will always be an audience for your content.

How is it going to affect your future for your intended goals and the future of your audience and their intended goals? What opportunities is this going to allow for your future, your goals and the opportunities of the audience? Is it going to draw you closer to your audience? Is it going to draw your audience closer to you? There is only one way to answer that question, and that is to put the suspenders on, be true to your content, be true to yourself, be true to your audience and start the building process. When your content is left in suspense, you will never know where it is going to take you to.

Suspense is one of those obstacles that keeps your brain, your mind, and your actions, in a neutral mode, because you feel suspended by the overall outcome of the suspense, because it is exciting and worry at the same time. You are excited to see where your passion, where your hope, and where your dreams are going to take you and your audience in life - but at the same time you also worry about what the people or what your audience is going to think about what you are presenting to them, or how your audience is going to respond. Don't allow fear of suspense - suspend the dreams of you and / or your audience.

Let's turn the suspense around and use the benefits of a suspender. How do you do this process? You follow the list that Nurse Becca has so kindly put together. There is so much knowledge and guidance put together in that list. This list can provide your audience with so many details about your content, who you are as a person, the passion and desires behind and drive what you believe in, and what benefits you are providing to others.

Something you must remember, your audience is coming to you for a reason, and that reason is because your have something that they are looking for, something they have a need for or a desire for. You are fulfilling their needs, you are fulfilling their desires, you are fulfilling their goals, the only thing left for you to do is to fulfill that purpose that they are looking for. They came to you for a reason, something got their attention.

Overcome the fear with passion and a desire to fulfill a purpose, the only thing that is standing between you and that purpose is suspense - put the suspender on, and become who you are, and the person that you were meant to become.

When delivering a message to your audience something to always remember, they are coming to you for a solution to a specific problem for what they are having or are facing. You have already done something that has gotten their attention, you are delivering a message to them, a message they will never forget, and a message that will keep them with wanting more valuable and trusting content. Show your audience where you heart is, show your audience where your passion is, show your audience that you are their for them. The more that you help your audience and others grow and succeed with their success stories, the more that you are going to help yourself succeed with yours. Be a giver, be a provider.

A question that may be most commonly asked. Is your audience going to be big enough? Is your passion going to serve a purpose? Your audience will grow with time. The Suspense can leave you Suspended, but the Suspender that holds up your knowledge, your beliefs, your values, your passions, your desires of what you believe in can not only change your life, but it can also change the life of your audience, and the life of others, and draw an even bigger audience into your belief. Nurse Becca, you do such an amazing job of getting involved with your audience, and breaking your content down into easy to understand material.

Thank you Nurse Becca for providing a Suspender solution, for when suspense comes into play. These suspenders will keep your thoughts and ideas on a positive note.:)

Happy Birthday Lilah!:)

Kind Regards,
CordeliaN Premium
I read the title and straight away I thought stockings and suspenders, so on the basis this post might be a bit S&M or racey, I thought best I check it out.... ha ha.

Seriously though, your posts are always so detailed and so well researched with medical stuff included into the mix that it makes for a great read. I pause before reading and set myself up with water or coffee and simply enjoy your musings
drjec Premium
Thanks. A heartwarming post.
NnurseBecca Premium
Welcome, thank you for reading it
Ryan4488 Premium
In that regard, Hitchcock was one of the greatest suspenders of all time!!
NnurseBecca Premium
Alfred Hitchcock, I do remember the shadow sort of suspense his intro and everything. I think you're right that guy understands how to keep people in suspense and anticipation. Just think if that show came out with today's tech.
Ryan4488 Premium
Interesting thought! I recently watched "The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog" (1927), one of his earlier films airing TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
NeilBrown Premium
Hang on to your britches, the suspenders are common! LOL