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July 20, 2019
Faceapp is not my friend and should be under ugly arrest for what that blasted app did to my face. It was a happy day of catfishing all came crashing to the ground when someone thought it would be funny to make me a hundred year old witch with fangly teeth and 10 zillion wrinkles AAAAAAAH! They should be under arrest for this heinous cyber crime against all humanity. Plus I never wear my hair that way not in a billion years.According to a fellow affiliate, this App can save the data to do whate
July 20, 2019
Good news from Google! I watched the Adsense Livestream to share the love. The North Idaho Small Business Development Center Partnered with North Idaho College to host the love stream on my old campus.Before I go into more details about this and how it can protect your site from flaggings, a quick reminiscence of my fun at North Idaho College. When I attended, the new Health and Science building had just opened and I got to be one of the first students to have the privilege to use it in the Pha
Porcupine for Erin our HEN Affiliate. Per Request, we have a good character for a future edition...GIF per Lilah to double thankful for the gifts in our mailbox!Cockadoodle-doo!! (From Lilah to HEN Affiliates)All the Good Vibes are working tremendously! We are having so much fun, keep reading to find out why...The progress we are making every day toward success maybe as small as getting a webinar done. Today, I completed a webinar by Jerry Huang that was amazing to learn about and see him grow
July 15, 2019
How to SwingWhen learning how to swing, at first we need a gentle pushFinding ground, then learn to pumpWhen jumping off the first landings can be roughThen jump back on self-propellingGaining balance and precision, still needing a spot once in awhileThe swing in harmony alights with the windIf you get tired or lazy, the swing won't pump itselfWe cannot wait for the swing and wind to do the work of pumpingToday, a board and a rope positioned with the treeWind wisping fine hair glowing golden sp
PayPal packed 9.9 billion transactions totalling more than 578 billion bucks last year! While whopping a large revenue, Paypal is helping people solve the money puzzle. One piece is security, and PayPal transfers are able to stay on websites to promote safe transactions.What you are about to read contains an actual case study, to evaluate the mechanics of PayPal with a Wealthy Affiliate website in action. Read on to discover more about important pieces of the PayPal money puzzle. This integrati
July 13, 2019
Forum FansIf you are interested in learning monetization of forums, this blog discusses content and topics for forums to generate profit. Wealthy Affiliate is a forum in the sense of the resource group active in networking. Many upbeat forums are Google crawled frequently to keep high rank because of frequent updating of content with discussions.Topics Which Are Popularly DebatedTechnical related forums are getting high engangement and gaining popularity. Forbes magazine has top Forums and broa
July 12, 2019
A Request for Wealthy Affiliate InputCalling all willing and able members, WA'rriors, Scotland Yard, Squirrel Counsel Input...Yes, beckoning for all cars. A little Lilah needs prayers if you believe in prayer, meditation, Just Good Vibes.Her review of doc & me is "bad business" for causing the pain of atypical /precancer/cells therapy. Her arms both had cell treatment and we could use all the help we can get.One most-trusted caregiver came by to push Lilah in her swing today ( allegedly her
Getting on the interstate, the Coca Cola truck was 2 cars in front of me and then a Dodge Dart, Neon or something. I heard a screech and hit the breaks, someone passed on the left. The Coca Cola truck stalled, Little ditty Dodge car screeched and I pressed the breaks wondering if it maybe a little too late. Smelling burnt rubber and squealing tires fishy tailed and an SUV passed onto the right half onto the shoulder. The fishy tail spun sideways, carefully not to over correct it flying sideways
The Ultranet is ComingGoogle Interrogation:1) What growth trends are possible with 5G technology?2) When can we expect to see the transition to the Ultranet?3) What companies may be at risk for negative financial impact?4) Which cellphones will be compatible?5) What will be the potential for new marketing niches?6) What does the Ultranet 5G transition mean for Wealthy Affiliate?Compare the speed, it just blows my mind! After spending about a year scratching my head at what this means, Here are
July 07, 2019
Thankful for FreedomThankful for freedom, for fireworks and for firefighters! Into the woods with the boys hunting for gold in them thar hills, then back to the base cabin and boom, behold!I tried to select the most colorful firework display to share with Wealthy Affiliate. From my heart.While four-wheeling to the fire station to get sufficient signal may be somewhat inconvenient, it was reassuring to be able to check on critical messages.And actually used a landline for the first time since, l