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For sale; mega plumpy lip gloss and super sleek mascara! Calling All Cosmetic Divas for a last chance to pocket savings. On sale only while supplies last. GET YOURS before they run out! Lip gloss that looks like the fake neurotoxin injections hurry hurry before your chicken lips fall off.Haha ! Just kidding!!I'm not selling oranges by the freeway ( or Becca Kay makeup. ) yet...Just making the way across country for another weird Becca blog jibba brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate.Crossing Wash
September 15, 2019
Exporting Impressions gleaned from Google Analytics, this is my impression of the performance.Although my study is in novice stage, it is reassuring to see the overall growth of a tiny website. The best conversions appear upon certain metrics, such as the impression overlaps with other metrics.With Google Webmaster, we can get a glimpse of progress over time. Further, we can focus in on the metrics which lead to conversions. There are maverick marketers Wealthy Affiliate has rubbing shoulders e
September 14, 2019
Don't you just love bubbles? The Soapy Box Rant About Rights should bubble like hydrogen peroxide on a filthy scab.The rights of medication administration are like the holy grail for medication administration. The different schools of thought have pinpointed differing number of rights for medication administration. Just to make the issue more muddy, how many rights are there exactly? I will list the common ones, then some additions and then relate it to Wealthy Affiliate with an analogy to help
It doesn't have to be unlucky...Happy Friday the 13th to the rising Full MoonAs the crickets sing and wake the raccoonFor people who suffer with dementia, and the caregivers who provide for themMay they rest well tonight and: not fall downNo Foley bags clogged or overflowingNo med errorsNo call offsNo explosions of code brownsNo unsafe elopements of AWOL eldersmay they be comforted through sun downingAnd be lifted upAnd the Foley free flowing not over the topMeds all corrected, logged and follo
feeling trusted100% Site Trust on my website has me feeling trusted. It is an honor and a privilege, much like the trust placed in me for medical-legal endeavors. A positive word of mouth from Matt Gun at Rossman Law Group gave me a new client today. I caught sight shortly thereafter that my website has earned a new badge in my heart.Striving to build trust and rapport are the roots of healthy promotion toward your business goals. We affiliate with the best in business at Wealthy Affiliate, and
September 10, 2019
Is this Instagrammable? It is good to determine if the message fits the physical site layout and human group you're talking with on Instagram. What is the culture of IG, and are there best practices? There are resources to help you learn the standards for ethical affiliate marketing on Instagram. Jay, our live coach and Wealthy Affiliate Influencer has started a great series to learn both basic and more advanced techniques on IG.He has amazing live events every week, and these will be no except
September 09, 2019
"Well, show me you know how to play!", Lilah said after chasing fleeting shadows on the swing set this afternoon. Time for a round of playing around alright! Down to the business of a kid, that is their work. There and then it hit me...BOOM BABY!I read a WA blog from Debs66, she wrote saying Canva has a new affiliate program. This probably is a great way Wealthy Affiliates can create while creating wealth. As Debs demonstrated (excellently), we can share the wealth of knowledge in fellowship wi
13 Best Benefits from Wealthy Affiliate Features On Your New WordPress WebsiteIntroducing a Nurse Becca Blog based on the Website tab on Wealthy Affiliate. It is a lot of information for a single tab. Here is the value I've found.Site Manager#1. This tab displays options to keep a website running smoothly. From there, you can access your websites, domains, feedback, email and support.Site Builder#2. There are thousands of free themes on which to make your WordPress website. Paid themes can be p
I found a little tool for Wealthy Affiliates who enjoy creating photos for their own blogging. I did not know you could do this, but the Touch and Retouch is a pretty nifty now you see me now you don't. For my demonstration, I will need a volunteer. Yes, you with the phone in your hand. Please stand up. Ok just kidding, you can sit down for this.You can check it out for a couple of bucks. This could be useful for polishing pictures for:Instagram Posts, to Curate PhotosMaking a Room on a Visual
September 07, 2019
Happy Birthday fearless leader! I want to wish a happy bday to Twack, he is always giving backhe needs a chocolate cake with candles to light up his dayBecause Twack always goes out of his wayTo be a friend, so when I push sendPlease squish the like button for birthday loveThank you kindly with a warm virtual hug I wonder what he will get...he deserves a new yacht named Wealthy Twack AffiliateIn honor of his genius , I wanted to remind us:Even his name stands for:TogetherWeAllCreateKindness