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Time is of the essenceWhen I couldn't open Jay's live webinar for creating a live home page, I tried to keep busy at other online tasks.Jay was playing hard to get with his video, so I watched a video on Neil Patel's advice to bring in more traffic and checked out Ubersuggest. I got a few ideas from keyword research.I wrote a 2 minute article on Medium, linking back to my site. And this might seem like a small accomplishment, when we see Little Mama, Jerry Huang, Jay and Kyle number of referra
What questions would you ask a nurse in these areas?I have an opportunity to talk on another podcast and want to offer a case study for Wealthy Affiliates who may find it intriguing. We will be testing whether Neil Patel's Marketing advice would work for increasing website visitors. The strategy includes 7 elements. This question-compiling stage is the next step to assessing the process recommended by Mr. Patel for appearing as a guest on podcasts. This gets more people interested in your busin
Howdy WA partners! I just returned from a Beautiful trip with scenic byways up North and back down. It was last-minute notice. And perspective gained while I wrangled up some booty on a recon mission.Road trip from K Town (Kuna) to Spokane to Gooding in the recon Wrangler. Best features of this Jeep are the spacious room on the interior. The design is both durable and roomy enough to be able to fit a painting Poppy made when my Brother drowned. This gift is in a way hard to look at or behold bu
Keyword research does not have to feel like space travel.But you will see Kaju above dressed like rocket man on the moon. He was going to play a song on his guitar with the antigravity he can rock it so far out.But his guitar flew away before he got the chance. While he looks for it, we can continue the contemplation of keywords. Are keywords all about semantics or statistics?Wealthy Affiliate guides members with advice to focus on one keyword, and designing SEO for highest possible Google rank
August 04, 2019
QALIFIED TO SPEAKA Wealthy Affiliate ReferenceAug 3, 2019NURSE BECCA BLOG:EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR GUESTGood morning WA family! I have been online learning with classes and research within Wealthy affiliate for a total of 1 year.The skills which make A Wealthy Affiliate the reference who is qualified to speak can enhance experience for guests.Building trust with your audience can be a challenge even when you have spent ample time to be able to help others understand at a valuable level.At the Distur
Linked In, Training SEO for Every NicheI know I look way different in Linked In, but Face App must have ruined my popularity. Now this selfie is for a special celebration topic. We discuss the Comprehensive writing sample as this pertains to your niche. On Linked In🙂It is a great example of one way to apply an engaging technique.While preparing to answer a request, I was not sure about whether I was actually being considered for a very prestigious career remotely.It was addressed to a n
This is on my mind today just a mini rant! The story of the buck stops here.The phone rings*Scam Identified*"Please text me" auto response...see screenshot:Called Sherry at T-Mobile.This is an actual scam the hackers highjack a phone number they are able to use."It's not a T-Mobile Problem,"Sherry said.I have every highjacked phone number on a list.And today with just enough priceless information, I had to share with Wealthy Affiliate. I feel if one person gets scams and spams that I could have
Site Health Check:Amazing green GRACE !! So glad to see awesome site health with so much green! In this story I'll share updates and strategy with the experience of my personal journey. On your Wordpress Website: Each post publication, comment review, every update and revision counts to keep publishing frequency up to par. Almost there for all green bubbles! This makes me feel happy-aside from green being my favorite color, after all the work it takes to get that far. With so much green I'm als
Sting rays wave hello! Bird Snack by TJ!Lilah Grace's arms are healed!And the kids were eaten by a shark!Burke, Lilah & TJThe fish who fell in love with Julie and Lilah almost kissed them to death.What I learned at the aquarium to share with Wealthy Affiliate:We are all part of the biology on the internet, and have the greatest opportunity to influence growth and success in ourselves and others. Without a community striving together, there is no network. Do you believe: The internet web cre
July 20, 2019
Faceapp is not my friend and should be under ugly arrest for what that blasted app did to my face. It was a happy day of catfishing all came crashing to the ground when someone thought it would be funny to make me a hundred year old witch with fangly teeth and 10 zillion wrinkles AAAAAAAH! They should be under arrest for this heinous cyber crime against all humanity. Plus I never wear my hair that way not in a billion years.According to a fellow affiliate, this App can save the data to do whate