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#1 Position Google! #1 Yahoo, Too! Continuing Education NursesOngoing effort to lifelong learning is continuing education, nurses. But the knowledge here can pertain to many business specialties."Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -GandhiI can hardly believe my eyesThe 3rd area research on Bing. Drums roll with a cymbal clang ...the site has not yet been Binged:Burst my bubble,but hay...I am absolutely surprised for winning first places on Google and Yah
November 05, 2019
The tasks for your referrals are a fun feature of Wealthy Affiliate community I'd like to discuss. There are auto responses, as well as personal welcome to add to your agenda, but before you go sticky note frenzied, just click on the Money tab, this takes you to the referrals and tasks which guides the way.Just tap or click on the green checkmark bubble and Bingo!There you go, it's a quick peek at progress, and tap/click the different tabs.Then kiss sticky notes goodbye💋For everyone who
Hashtaggables:#Rally at The Texas RoadhouseHowdy from #Coeurd'Alene!So ...What the heck is a hash-tag? [Method of indexing keywords for search engine accessibility]Let's examine usage of hashtags, to get a better idea of how to use them for sites such as Instagram. You can also use the techniques and repurpose campaigns, for example on LinkedIn.Rules of Engagement: Use some discretion, brains, tact, finesse ( ask for help if it feels awkward ).A Hashtag BibleThere is not really a hashtag bible
Do you have a "side hustle"?Imagine the light is your paint on the end of your virtual paintbrush. The digital design is your life passion making a painting of your life to illuminate the universe. Pausing in a single spot can melt right through the canvas, or make a light so bright it burns the eyes of onlookers.Each stroke is a new neon mixture that can explode by the power released splitting the DNA strand in a single molecule smaller than a pinpoint. And the secrets released only of benefit
October 12, 2019
Mom: The Minecraft character wont work, how will you pick up the candy?Disguised Lilah: Here, can you hold this so I can pick up candy?Oh yes, more costumes to come in this blog!(Next we will have a hilarious talking bull, no honkey.)Here we have a "rich boy" costume, just scary how cute he is! But I say we are missing pants and cannot go door to door in shorts with subzero temperatures. TJ agrees, besides he just wants to be spideyman anyway. Oh my heartPlease send your costume ideas in the co
Unexpected Results!:)When a Wealthy Affiliate Student Passes Some Neil Patel TestsEarly victories over 1 year of online research...Wealthy Affiliate bright ideas by Jay & Kyle on my website have passed tests without trying. This nurse took the ubersuggest audit. Chewing on my pencil and tapping on my clipboard, I learned even more from submitting my Wordpress site to Neil Patel's and other audits.What Wealthy Affiliate teaches is the systematic analysis and creation. While blindly following
Social-Power-MasterUnlocking support of referralkey, this website is sort of plain but with some pretty powerful possibilities.This will educate you through what the tool is and how it could be helpful if you want to try it out.To describe the referralkey platform, a quick consult looking through Google goggles.Google said: Referral Key is a Small Biz Social Networking site!Referralkey was most popular for local referrals to jobs, and has a few nice functions I would like to walk through with W
October 04, 2019
Reframing For Your DoubtsReframing the thoughts of self doubt to rejuvenate your business can easily be done with mindfulness. Today Let's organize these thoughts and put an argument in place to refute doubts which can hold us back.Even if these doubts don't stop you, they become burdensome because of the extra energy to overcome the beast of negativity. They weigh down people mentally over time.What sort of doubts about business stop entrepreneurs from achieving success in a special niche?I am
One Golden Year A Wealthy Affiliate Review:1. Tried out building a free website for my business on siterubrix:)2. Premium Membership after 4 years from my first investigation of Wealthy Affiliate3. Domain Ownership4. Entrepreneur Class ah lah WA5. Nurse Becca blogs built on WA and my domain6. Monetizing Affiliate Marketing7. Live Coaching by Jay8. Creating courses, both #WA and #teachable9. Ambassadorship, teaching and learning in WA fellowship10. I love you guyz!11. Bootcamp hup two three four
For sale; mega plumpy lip gloss and super sleek mascara! Calling All Cosmetic Divas for a last chance to pocket savings. On sale only while supplies last. GET YOURS before they run out! Lip gloss that looks like the fake neurotoxin injections hurry hurry before your chicken lips fall off.Haha ! Just kidding!!I'm not selling oranges by the freeway ( or Becca Kay makeup. ) yet...Just making the way across country for another weird Becca blog jibba brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate.Crossing Wash