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I found a little tool for Wealthy Affiliates who enjoy creating photos for their own blogging. I did not know you could do this, but the Touch and Retouch is a pretty nifty now you see me now you don't. For my demonstration, I will need a volunteer. Yes, you with the phone in your hand. Please stand up. Ok just kidding, you can sit down for this.You can check it out for a couple of bucks. This could be useful for polishing pictures for:Instagram Posts, to Curate PhotosMaking a Room on a Visual
September 07, 2019
Happy Birthday fearless leader! I want to wish a happy bday to Twack, he is always giving backhe needs a chocolate cake with candles to light up his dayBecause Twack always goes out of his wayTo be a friend, so when I push sendPlease squish the like button for birthday loveThank you kindly with a warm virtual hug I wonder what he will get...he deserves a new yacht named Wealthy Twack AffiliateIn honor of his genius , I wanted to remind us:Even his name stands for:TogetherWeAllCreateKindness
Backlinks are the number one driver of internet traffic to a website (Hootsuite 2018). This can boost your business and authority online, but there is one catch.The backlinks for your website must be from authoritative sites.Hold it, before you stomp the throttle or kickback...Let's answer a couple of questions:What the wazoo is a backlink? Furthemore, how do we test if it is an authority site???I am glad you asked.Jason Stone set an example for marketing by selectively choosing affiliate progr
This quick honey-do list is made to encourage Wealthy Affiliate members to:Write It DownWhat are we writing? ☆Goals!☆ Writing goals can be great brainstorming for content. Think of affiliate programs that sound interesting and lucrative for making your business plan goals. I'll give you examples of setting goals to get you started.- I will make a pay per click ad for split testing on each of my affiliate programs by the end of the week. For each campaign, try out the keyword researc
What Is an Affiliate⁷7 Program? (And How Does it Work?)If you are new to the idea of Affiliate Programs or want to understand more about how they work: Just follow along for a few great examples. The affiliate program tool at Wealthy Affiliate came out this year, and people are using this along with Jaaxy Keyword Research. This combination of combining tools together or cross-referencing allows discovery of specific details to help prioritize affiliate opportunities. It can also direct vi
Google Ranks Nurse Becca Blog💝Hi Wealthy Affiliates, I am so excited! After definitely too much caffiene and chocolate, I was awake after the midnight hour. Since I was restless, I was checking Gmail, searching for more CEU trainings to try to put me to sleep. I thought it could, but the training was nothing short of extraordinary. Neuro could be boring those who are uninterested, however it captivated me for hours. Then I got a note from Kyle!Let's answer the question: How did Kyle and
The referral came from an invitation after Korey's inquiries about helping people who are having pain. I am so happy to introduce everyone, and sending this post to give a warm welcome Korey Kreider💝
I was reading in Medium about a mental breakdown on Facebook,the story of Danny and his tragic Violent Manifesto...While browsing, I found a free resource! It might interest my friends here. New and seasoned alumni of Wealthy Affiliates could benefit by knowing here is another platform that can generate traffic and growing clout. If you are looking to leverage and find affiliate partners, it can take place in many unexpected ways. I want to open discussion here on related ideas.You do not need
August 28, 2019
You can just call me bustapump becca, and a little behind today. I had to go and bust the water pump, not sure how I did that. It has been an ordeal and heart ache lately for me. I want you to know it is not worth losing heart.With a new training almost finished, it is exciting to share knowledge along the way. The problems with technology is an ongoing honor study topic, if it sounds too nerdy for Wealthy Affiliate.... I promise it is a billion times cooler than it sounds!You can choose honor
August 24, 2019
Cyber StrobeI missed you all while I was away. I've been checking in when I can, and am excited to bring you this update. Discovery of the cyber strobe cell glitch was the crowning jewel of my accomplishments. This is my longest stretch of not writing blogs for WA or my website in the past year. I found something worse than the black screen of death, courtesy of my 4-year-old.God, she's cute. A sight for sore eyes.After a long jaunt chasing immunoglobulins again, I returned home to greet a litt