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January 17, 2020
Suspenders are not just a good old way to keep pants up without further damage to sciatica from big thick wallets...Also straight up redneck or hillbilly or hiphop of sorts fashion..Or just a cute outfit for kids on birthday #5:)A term that means keeping people in suspense....Suspenders are useful for Wealthy Affiliates to get superfans for their brand.Marketing strategy can hold in a measure of suspense to build up anticipation.For the record, and FYI... Lilah, being five, ahem, does NOT need
January 12, 2020
Hi team, I am practicing a meditation on self care, and wanted to teach you a card game. In honor of nurses accused of playing cards in rural hospitals and brought to you in an analogy. In fellowship.The goal is to get all 4 aces, and each higher suit trumps the lower suit in order to eliminate cards.Start by placing 4 cards in a row, face up. Remove the lower cards of same suits and replace 4 cards in each column when no lower suits can be removed. Only the top card can be removed. If you get
January 11, 2020
Rapid Google Ranks on WordPress Page With Wealthy Affiliate...That was FAST! I am writing to thank each and every one here for visiting my blog in site comments. I received Google ranks rapidly from my post just last week! Thank you very much for the kind encouragement, likes, shares, comments and private messages that helped steer this research.I followed the simple steps outlined at Wealthy Affiliate on my WordPress site. Some of the tasks included research on jaaxy, adding in title, H1 and H
Hi Wealthy Affiliates,has anyone written a review on wpjelly? I'm curious if you have experience with this topic...
A Wealthy Affiliate Fellowship ProjectThank you for taking a look here! Below, you'll find New Certifications, and abstract review of YouTube Academy:#1) The Quickstart Guide to YouTubeThis course has interesting lessons, with videos on the basics of beginning the YouTube Channel. It unfolds the start of configuring the initial account and getting videos published.#2) Get DiscoveredThis action packed module is a new age chalk and talk on getting traffic within YouTube channels. The key to getti
January 07, 2020
200 Nurse Becca Blogs are now on Wealthy Affiliate! I give 3 cheers and a Few wahoos for this. Thank you kindly to the visits, for reading and commenting, the interest in networking within the community, caring about my work. I am grateful for the Wealthy Affiliate online family of people all over the world. If you've attended my trainings you may have heard me break out into song, and if you've read my blog jibbas I might have busted out a poem. All those who have witnessed my corny humor and
Wealthy Affiliate members over 2 million people in 2020, and growing. A household name, trustworthy brand to people. Through open education project and niche networks built in we have so many people, a resource for virtually any kind of business. I know there are many experts here for unlimited topics. So, how can we make new traffic for a brand that is a local service? The first step is reviewing website to see what the advertisement and web development is currently in process for the business
A Quality Fair: Best of 2019 Affiliate Marketing Educationfor Wealthy Affiliate Fellowship by Nurse BeccaInternet leaders and their characteristics of quality in learning in 2019, we have the extraordinary mentors for business in this community. As we break in the New Year, remember we experienced the world entry into the next generation of technology. Five generations of building technology to help humans interact online.Take a look into any niche that sparks your interest, and make an inspiri
Escalation and Deprecation 101What in the world do these words mean? The first day of 2020 I want to teach these definitions for Wealthy Affiliate.We can use these themes for writing, revising, prioritizing.Before examples, I'll give an explanation of these terms. Then it will make sense illustrating in a quick story. I'd like to hear from you with more examples of planning and implementing helpful strategies.EscalationEscalation is not the stairs that take you here to there mehanically without
December 31, 2019
Salute! 2020 CelebrationRinging in the New Year! We salute and celebrate 2020 with a big huge bonfire and a Bon Voyage. I'm happy to see this year go. Although we achieved so much, there were more road blocks than welcome signs.Goodbye 2019, helloooooo 2020!I've been reading up and contemplating the California law AB5 to be in effect tomorrow and probably til September if it can be amended then. Basically, it makes challenges for freelancers and has specific language for marketers. It defines t