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Get ready for my rant...Where have all the sanitizing products gone for medical staff? How shall I clean my sphygmomanometer? I did find some Purell refills, then wondered if I could get jumped for having those, by new age gangsters wearing trench coats and improperly fitted N95 masks...I cannot understand why in the world there is not a single bit of Lysol wipes or even the sanitizing ingredients anywhere to be found, not even Amazon!Backordered shipments are a smaller worry than the Italy qua
February 22, 2020
Back From the GravePinterest Training by Jay Action CASE STUDYA Wealthy Affiliate Production (Blog by Nurse Becca)New Affiliate Program Unleashed TomorrowI am excited to learn more about this opportunity for a variety of specialties.The main theme is healthcare consulting, taught by a great leader in my network, Elle Pierson. The Affiliate Program does not increase the cost of the membership, training, coaching or services.So far, I have learned on the two platforms, within entrepreneur trainin
Valentine wish for Wealthy AffiliateIn honor of this day of Love, happy belated with Hopes and Wishes for a tradition to celebrate. Recipe for an exquisite elixir !100% Love Potion:Start with 2 fearless feathers from turtle-doves,Melt the aroma of some sweet smelly candle wax, A couple a dozen chocolates,13 sugar gum drops,An arrow tip of Cupid,Soften with a Samba,Add a listen to the heart,Strongest point, at the apex:4 rose petals,Doing their best,Blend together, whip it good...add in all the
February 09, 2020
Prescript, we built some snow angels, too!♥️We built you a snowman and couldn't upload it. He melted but Lilah says hi!:)
February 05, 2020
This is a test, if it were real it would not be broadcasted by Nurse Becca's Wealthy Affiliate blog.Okay, here is the disclaimer. I am weird. Now, then the pop quiz was the caregiver giver called into a room where a mannequin is in bed. All they see is a shiny wig, who is this new resident to get report on? Stop, handwash and Full gear for droplet precautions. Holy cow, is is a coronavirus run amok? No, it is just a test.Now gunked with shaving cream to represent toxic sludge of multi-drug resi
Haha! If you're here you have openly accepted this mission! Do NOT enter (for Ninjas ONLY) is a blog just for those who are Wealthy Affiliate minded.Paying it forward for those paying it forward is the mission of this campaign.This is your last chance to back out, so if you haven't put forth and don't plan on it you can opt out now.Yes, it is a quid pro quo underdog type of assignment, but won't take too much of your time.The return on investment has worked for me.Now that you're still reading,
????Productizing: ????Doing my homework cruise and create for Wealthy Affiliate Open Education project. Look at different uses of this word. Ways to customize style and adapt accessories toward your niche.????I will wait right here in case you need to Google this intriguing term...while I mastermind during a Sunday drive like 5G Jesus took the worry I googled it to figure out more on this spunky productizing term. The light turns green and I keep going.????Here are thoughts of this t
Hello! Courtesy courtsey nice to meet you hey hello...In live chat, I saw a great question, what are some cheat tips for writing your bio?It is a good idea to be authentic, and remember this can be a good place to try SEO, use bullets, numbers and yes you can repurpose into about us or mission for niche websites.Don't forget this step, it is just a brief introduction.Something is better than nothing, can be added to or revised. Just include a few things and if you really draw a blank try out th
It sounds way too amazing, but it's not a new age saloon or click bait at all, just a quick brief on something I found. If you haven't thought of growing your own email list to build a brand, this maybe a helpful tool. Hello Bar is something worth looking into, and I want to share for others to try out. I added the top closeable Hello bar for one of the websites to help keep track of email addresses for visitors who want to subscribe.The Hello bar has a few different options you can customize,
Go Go Gadget GoogleEgoBooster!I got another listing which ranked on Google in record time. No comments were made, but it is in the bag!Literally, real life a bag! Specifically, in the nurse built Artisan Handbags made by a mentor friend and affiliate. I bought one for my daughter's birthday, and wrote a quick little ditty blog on my site.A little bit later bingo double oh Google we smashed it onto the radar of the world wide web.There is nothing but love in this bag! For Grand Rounds, I brainst