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Wealthy Affiliate offers the experience and framework for building your own courses in a specific niche or create classes that show members how to do special tasks.These are rewarded for credit you may exchange for cash.I want to walk through the practice area we have as a great sandbox on building training inside WA. These learning topics can be beginner or advanced. Try to think of subjects which spark imagination. Here at WA, there is an enormous opportunity to build your own classes and con
A relaxing rant for Wealthy Affiliate community ah lah your Becca nurse...Pondering images of trenches in nursing worlds where the recycled isolation gowns rip and disintegrate, the gloves are all expired. A nurse throws the keys at you and runs out the door on lock down unit. Sinking feeling in the gut getting sealed off and surfing the charts. One patient positive for Bed Bugs, Scabies, Lice, Multi drug resistant germs, and chest xray glassy shards suspicious of CoVid... little beads of sweat
I posted my lips after the reaction swelling went down, hives healed and still kicking pushing forty...With the PPE requirements, I wonder is anyone else missing smiles?Are all the gloves expired in your healthcare facility?Do you get a new mask every day?Do you wonder if people miss your smile or people who can't hear can understand?More research is needed to see if tears carry the newly emerged virus or can transmit that. Smiles surely transmit love and caring.Let's prove Wealthy Affiliate sm
May 06, 2020
Ode to sweet 16Did you know it's the grand chawhee's birthday???Matthew studying at home in the current pandemic has not been the best, but despite that he has been practicing driving and helping with countless things behind the scenes.Nurse Becca's Ninja in training! proud to present...Everytime mom hits a glitch, can't print something or figure out the widget he jumps in like a champWe don't have to wait for fire wood, a guy who sets up campThis young man also knows how to admin the websitei
April 26, 2020
So, having fast direct deposit on Netspend account can postpone your dreams even though you will get paydays 1 day sooner. On my way home from work, a long list of debits ate a hole in my pocket book. The ripple effect of my experience has been devastating.Netspend AccountThe response from the company as a customer was unsympathetic and it felt like they had no regard for my life or ability to use my own funds I worked hard for.In this article, I have a couple of things to review as far as serv
3D Magic masks arrived and nifty niosh approved n95 filters...Radical ear savers!Face shields ah lah nursey!!!Aaron the Angel in a Volvo was sent today by Brad CEO to relieve mask shortage. They had printers running day and night.And sent a special delivery to me!!!Community of Wealthy Affiliates, I was feeling so unsafe going to work not knowing the mask situation. I never thought of such a kind gesture, so I wanted to shout out a big thank you. Cherish all your connections here, to pay it for
Checking in for updates, the virus with economic and breathing center of the brain paralysis creeping at my doorstep...Then along came an earthquakePulsating in the ground, I saw deer racks on the walls waving to me as I snatched up little Lilah and braced into the doorway.Life is precious, through the rainy day my barista at the Dutch bro got the SARS Covid2, and my neighborhood grocer at the Albertson's market. I barely did not stop at either place but made it to fit testing N95 masks in a bi
March 28, 2020
It is kind of hard to get steps in on lock down. Whether you're on house arrest or just bored, please try to beat the record. I hope you will post a goal below.PS I am alive!Love,Nurse Becca
The local capabilities have an appeal on Alignable. I have imagined such a feature like Alignable on Wealthy Affiliate that lets you sign up for lunch and learn meetings. While that maybe on hold related to our worldwide pandemic, it is a good time for planning and creativity. In my imagining, a certain amount of community credit you can buy a session to host a live event following Jay's coaching mentorship.Then I woke up and read into more of what Alignable can provide. The platform, tools and
While the world is wrapped up in CoViD-19, we at Wealthy Affiliate can celebrate grandfathered membership. If you upgraded to Premium prior to Saint Paddy Day, you are of the elite who can host the most websites.With all the business doors closing, imagine ways to offer the new options available for members. Here is the new comparison:'m sending a virtual hug out for this champagne moment, that and finding toilet paper!I think we