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Last Update: October 05, 2019


Unlocking support of referralkey, this website is sort of plain but with some pretty powerful possibilities.

This will educate you through what the tool is and how it could be helpful if you want to try it out.

To describe the referralkey platform, a quick consult looking through Google goggles.

Google said: Referral Key is a Small Biz Social Networking site!

Referralkey was most popular for local referrals to jobs, and has a few nice functions I would like to walk through with Wealthy Affiliate.

Before getting started, keep in mind, it is not the tool but how to use it within your business to help it grow.

I think about all the cool old tools Grandpa has out there, how they could be worth a fortune to someone who knows how to use them. Even a spiffy ancient welder and stuff half welded before he passed. But for anyone without those skills, they are just lifeless hunks of metal they would probably sell for scrap never knowing the value of the craft behind the user of the tools or what they can build.

Now you know where I am going with that analogy hopefully.

Referralkey is not just another dinglehopper, but I thought of a technique for anyone who is interested in how my brains work for you.

After some Googlebinging, and Ubersuggest insight, along with Jaaxy it appears this has potential for keyword rankings, and creative campaigns.

Initially I'll describe the features of the platform. Afterward I will reveal my thoughts on growing your network and increasing website traffic.

While it may be argued regarding a spam or scam paranoia, I have yet to verify the idea. Many have said any sort of networking is spam, so I have to wonder about either end of the extreme of absolute no spam a pristine webosphere free from any shiny things, just white or clear to total spam wreckage and hostile revolting takeovers. I have not found any evidence to label it spamscramble surprise, and the BBB better be telling us if otherwise.

You sign up with a simple profile, add referrals like all other platforms. With one twist I will describe on the mastermind paragraph toward the blog end. Don't skip ahead like little red riding hood, I will send you back to grammy or let you feed yourself to the wolf in a minute.

1)The first badge is Social, that denotes 5 connections have joined in from another platform.

SERP Analysis from Ubersuggest...

2)The middle badge is the Power badge, pump you up like Hans and Fonz

3)Then there is the Master Badge, if you earn this it comes with bragging rights and the ability to use the word shazam after explaining for people how to fix things for themselves.

Okay, I just made that part up shhh Here comes the brainstormer in me.

The connections you can add from your primary are finite, a few contact mass invites each day. If you toggle over your connections, it shows how many contacts they have.

Therefore you could focus on the larger groups within your niche. Only click the mass invite after viewing through, you can unclick any unsavory ones. But check into the groups here.

These little microcultures may convert higher because they are affiliated in your contacts, and rather more probably will take interest.

Imagine knocking on the door to Google mansion if Google was a man, and h-h-hey wanna h-h-help me sell my dinglehopper.

Now imagine a few people who are a smaller market, but more likely to notice because they actually know people in the mutual network happily hopping all dingley day.

Also, with Ubersuggest, the research gives you how many contacts or social shares of members in hierarchy.

Just saying, you could grow a rather quick and large contact group of referrals for sharing your site. By inviting the network connections of the larger groups in your niche.

So if you invited contacts from in your Referralkey with 17,000 connections and the top off ubersuggest playing with words to find interesting markets let's say you found a referral with 17,000 connections. Here we have sent 34,000 invites in a day.

So there you go, SHAZAM!


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megawinner Premium
A strategy is very important. Whatever you do, whatever works let's do it and exploit the opportunities.
NnurseBecca Premium
A very good point, 🙂🙂🙂
manna4star2 Premium
Well let's just check it out and see. Gonna get my feet wet.

NnurseBecca Premium
I think it is how you use it. Certain niches may have a large audience here, out of over 4 million people there
manna4star2 Premium
I set it up last nite and then went to sleep. I will get back to it sometime today.

JerryR4 Premium
Sounds interesting
NnurseBecca Premium
I was interested in a few of the features for referrals. I found some people in my niche there, in the medlaw specialties
SamNBobbie Premium
Looks like a good place to spend some time. I can always use more exposure.
NnurseBecca Premium
I agree, the posts are for promotions so it might be part of people thinking its spammy. If you add your social networks, it sends emails some people don't like. Hey but some folks do. I think it is more about elegance with technique we have been learning all along here. Any platform could be great depending on clout, engagement, relevence of content along with reception and ultimately repeat purchases on business products and services.
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for your sharing Becca, good things goin on!!
NnurseBecca Premium
Welcome dearheart
you are those good things lol thank you for reading it!
I keep getting pulled away from my half baked blogs, but I like that we are able to revise. I still didn't delete the yo mama joke lol im such a dork so glad you put up with me😁💝