Productizing Your Niche With Social Media

Last Update: January 27, 2020

????Productizing: ????Doing my homework cruise and create for Wealthy Affiliate Open Education project. Look at different uses of this word. Ways to customize style and adapt accessories toward your niche.

????I will wait right here in case you need to Google this intriguing term...while I mastermind during a Sunday drive like 5G Jesus took the worry I googled it to figure out more on this spunky productizing term. The light turns green and I keep going.

????Here are thoughts of this topic in niches with business branching on social media while finishing up writing a review.

????Keep in mind from the first time through a thorough review, have in the forefront of thought the people you want to share with. And the problems you will help them solve.

????[Disclaimer, the Nurse Becca Blog jibbas may give you the heebey jeebiez, or what the worldeys, but hear me out. There is no focus unless you let it be an open imagination. You don't want to be the one to miss out on the spark that lightning ricocheted in diagonal and horizontal presentations of neon glitter then burst forth a downpour that differentiates a sullen thunderstorm stagnating from raining money into a butterfly oasis rainbow. Followed by a giant leprechaun pot of gold.

????In order to organize successful launch of new campaigns, it will require action. Prepare to begin making it work by intentionally sharing the content with audiences who have the drive, patience and determination to persevere relentlessly in sales who are in a particular pocket of interest.

????Wealthy Affiliates with a great rate of referral members to mentor have some qualities in common. First, willing to do the footwork and show up 100% committed for marketing and sales arenas of business to encompass a way to highlight the features showing who you want to align with.

????The work requirements are not passive, although many have success online without actual activity on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The real heroes who understand these requirements realize the calculations of Money to invest, and have some intelligence in approach. They are actively seeking input and feedback. The jabjab uppercut, givegive take two steps back before a step forward. They have the amazing choreography on lock down and will continue to do great things.

????But the ones who make it to Wealthy Affiliate ambassador ranking and then continue to achieve both success in the niche and success on mentoring other on the open education project have a Super Affiliate glow that only surrounds truly driven servant leaders.


????You must have a mindset that does not give a void of trust, keep trudging despite setbacks, keep momentum and invest time and money for survival and growth in online business. It does not take a mastermind entrepreneur or a gigantic brand, but consistent effort. And getting the right combination of eggs in different monetizing baskets.

????Getting authority includes learning new skills and employing them to benefit the people served, clients, customers. When they remain satisfied, a superfan can be a good source of user generated content.

????It can take 6 or more engaging interactions to make a new client, and only 1 stagnant interaction to form self-doubt in a presentation or pitch.

????Building the relationship with providing quality makes sales superfluous but this can take time to learn and action. The baseline of this is respect for your people who align with your brand. Then productizing is simple because the needs are made known with open communication.

????Modifying social media groups can assist in identifying the people who really can invest in your solutions. Look in keyword searches for the various locations you can expand to, and keep in mind for potential global connections.

????Associations and partnerships within your network are made meaning by taking a look at what kind of visitors found appeal with your brand enough to leave impressions, like clicks, comments, ask relevant questions and all of these can be search combinations to narrow down with Jaaxy research.

????Using Jaaxy in this way will identify the highly qualified leads alignment with content you create. Finding this in online platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and just about any other online community which comes to mind.

????It is not enough to build an arbitrary list. It needs further categorized according to like characteristics. Segment by the most activity you can find on a topic of interest, and this insight can help you productize in your specific niche on Social Media Platforms. The research and promotion will differ based on your segmented email list.

????Is there a way to modify settings on your branches of outreach? Begin by taking a look within your networks at followers, subscribers. Check recent comments and curate based on these conversations. Is there an offer you can provide that would be engaging, interesting, add value?


  1. An ordered list can increase the readability and help people understand key points without exhausting their attentions.
  2. Numbers are resting points and can give a less cluttered appearance, making the most important things stand out to reference later.
  3. Getting details is important to people, and numbered lists are a way to show attention to that need. This is one way to build trust. Without trust, you do not get business in the first place.
  4. Because numbers don't lie, using them to help your trust factor means readers can rely on you, believe in your brand and the ability with creating a confidence that you'll present things that the visitors can realistically process.


  • Again with being organized, you can help others settle the information and keep attention
  • Bullets help the brain move forward instead of an endless sea of letters to cause reading fatigue
  • The method can be more hostile than a war zone takeover if the bullets fly like a machine gun, yes even organizing can get obsessive and backfire


????Grab some focus while engaging motion to help readers get entertained from your work. There are different kinds of GIF, Cartoon clips, live message or animated writing to mesmerize onlookers and give them some drama. Try in slow motion or forward and back or add some glimmer with different shades in video creator.


????How to get the heart and speak a whisper to the soul with your kindness. By a self Appointed goal fulfilling trend. One that can be plotted onto a chronology to review and project.

????Text a code for subscribing with 30 minute workshops and highlight the best results with a weekly showcase.

????Make a blogging competition with the best mock ghostwriter post posing as a famous author in the group. Example in a scary book club, Pretend you are Stephen King remaking a fear play of your forefathers into a scary short book for teens.

????downloadables make great digital gifts and who knows who needs a freebie to buy some like.

????quizzes, surveys, tools, self assessments, worksheet, e book, app review, free template, ad advice, tips and tricks, cheatsheet, checklist, puzzle, anything that creates curiosity or could be of value based upon the aligning interests.

????New Reviews? Tools for blank trade How does this help in a special way on a social media platform, for example: Three tips online businesses can use on Alignable (you can insert any social media here) to increase brand awareness.

????In this example, I will use the pretty paperclips for secretary niche. The physical paperclip is gold and the online product is a little gold star stamp that shows your brand on a document you send. Now selling it on Alignable or Referral Key, do you need to market the physical product? Do you have the resources available for storage and shipment?

????With a paperclip for secretaries, it would not be hard to have a bucketful and mail them... If that fits your interest. A hybrid campaign built with this idea is a digital tool and a physical product. Secretary digital clips a versatile plugin for creating your stamp like an email signature with your brand that can appear across platforms.

????Now the magic marketer is going to show secretaries in a 6-second trailer how to clip the pretty golden clip to a physical document, such as a resume or CV with a sample letter agreement contract then show the digital brand logo jump into a little viral note to say Hi secretary Sally was here. She plugs the app on her device and can re brand if needed or split test styles, Go Sally.

????Keep track of workflow using a consistent method or process. One that has an easy flow is on Asana, inviting insiders you would like by email on programs developed. For instance, outsourcing and follow-up, calling and scheduling discovery sessions, disseminating business tools, assigning content of promotions and demonstrations, keeping track of budget and income tax time stuff, new release premiers, subscription progress.

????A Nursey Pursey case study, featuring on the platform is a type of native ad for like minds in the community. Is there a gift in the bag or the bag is the gift?

????Whether it is a paperclip or other product, it just has to accompany some valuable material free, along with an educational appeal. You can review any online platform for use in your niche and create research for showcasing the digital or consumable or physical goods.

????Make meaningful connections.

????Curate the relationship by trying to go above and beyond with caring. That lends to your creativity when keeping in mind quarantine on this caring can cause a barrier to readers understanding. Consider if connections really care what you have more than how it can benefit them, and if you have the knowledge in their pain points to agitate the problem to supercharge the benefits.

????Referral Key Mobile App is POD Could these connections be optimized for the paperclippy secretary tasks? There are no limits when you find the solid connections in any online business on any platform. Learn the features, study and revise strategies to reflect all you are learning that can be news for solving problems of specific audiences.

????Amazon Alexa Rankings are a growing trend. Ask and would it help provide an outlet for your brand to investingate this. Expert marketers say pick your niches, master that and also learn the areas that you can give the service to online.

????You Tube can be another course to present in sharing solutions, could you do something different from your cohorts like introduce closed captions or Unlocking You Tube advanced features with more research. The profitable part is the repetition of what works, not just the searches but researching and repeat based upon that new knowledge.

????Have you prepared to ask another person on each platform to recommend you? Collaboration can build reputation and positive word of mouth. Online, it is difficult to surmise users identity and preference, characteristics so a mutual connection can be a form of virtual handshake. Then efforts aren't into a dissipating ozone of lost darkness in unrewindable time.

????Sally's secretary paperclips and digital tool with a blessing of good condolences from people who you want to be an ideal client. Write reviews on tools like Calendly, Hello bar, plugins and useful insight on topics for your niche

????Paid ads google, Microsoft, Facebook, twitter, alignable, bing yahoo, radio broadcasts, association newsletters will circulate better with understanding the traits which combine in feeding interests for excitement, consumable products, education, surprise, pain.

????And whoever said pain is not a vital sign has been biased by each year of opioid epidemic deaths. In the virtual world, fear of missing out pain of losing money, missing a chance to learn, getting the opportunity to be involved. The pain of isolation.

????Vital signs of a campaign can be measured to see if you can turn the client relationship like a nurse admission for a new patient. Is the temperature elevated? Are they having too high or low pressure, does the pulse rate of info go too fast or slow, erratic or skipping vital beats, isnit a flat line?

????Is the airway clear of debris or the breath sufficient to exchange oxygen and does the nerve pain radiate to their soul piercing the inner ear like an ultrasonic sound and does the rich content circulate where is it clotted up and does it have a good or bad kind of viral thing going on?

????Why do demented dangers of pain encounter entail attention, that is for plan of that pain avoidance. Where does it hurt? Swelling, redness oozing or edematous? Is it hurting the most on essential elements to balance into virtualhomeostasis?

????There is the thesis, there is this hypothesis, what can you do to amplify your voice today and where do your favorite sort of humans hang. Infuse into the prescribed route for good circulation...How to deliver and when? How can the thing be productized productively and pain relieved without the extreme of respiratory failure or central nervous system shutdown.

????How have your grand rounds delivered services and products to ideal clients? Could you make a deliverable course for niche audiences in YouTube or creator or how to download a podcast app for novice marketers.

????E book on Audible to market on LinkedIn and Facebook or how to build a special blog about it on Medium, Reddit, Quora.

????Do you know how to invest severence pay or unemployment or worker comp benefits on the employer and employee side in any business? Well this is one way to reach more of the people who would have time and interest in your endeavors.

????Could you Interview people with strategies that work in your niche, providing value for prospective subscribers? Could you implement a strategy working on similar interests?

????Think of how many sequels on a series of blogs can you make and repurpose to another creation.

????An example is a podcast that can prime you for an info graphic which can be cropped in Canva to optimize fitting different platforms with one slide of the screen.

????Who rises to the top of your ranks and what keywords are the companies ranking for? Competitive analysis can be a branch of marketing to implement on an entirely different way based on your own areas of expertise.

????If you aren't excited about the parts that equate to hand delivering your business card in presentations or exhibits, you may not be ready to take your marketing to the next level.

????You know you have what it takes, and it takes ongoing effort for realization of your fancy and continuance of success. We cannot leave a hungry man at the drive through at McDonald's just waiting for the rib sandwich that is gone off the menu, chase the sunshine and grab those dreams.

????Search for those would you like to subcontract and partner with in your niche, and how can you grow an affiliation with their mission to be a mutual benefit? Brainstorm ways you could partner brands as if you're the best vanilla icecream brand frothing down the side of an A&W rootbeer float. The Harmony of the combination debut live on a hot Superbowl Sunday commercial.

????While the ideas are simmering, ask how many ways you can brain map into 50 posts and if this is well curated then productizing is the process to start building up to 400 posts by learning off the stats of the last one with resources graciously shared by Jay Neill. This is where sustainable revenue begins.

????Mister Neill of Wealthy Affiliate is an online live business coach. He is a man who has made efforts in basic and advanced techniques to drive traffic onto niche websites. A little troll-haired birdie said Mr. Neill has not had a successful site since 2015...why haters gotta hate hate hate and then again how many successful sites has he honestly led people through creation with expert assembly???. Yes players keep play play playing.

????Neill takes his time patiently explaining the ABC of this, and embarking on advanced techniques with enough science to make is seem magic for newbies. Some tactics which can mystify the experts.

????Jay teaches how to configure the tools exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate for making money online and creating a great atmosphere for any number of company kinds. The affiliate links can be built for wordpress sites to give a custom sign up account, adding a commission for your membership referrals.

????Training introduces proprietary link concepts after creating enough content to build trust and authority. This only comes with consistency and regular posts for the people who return, along with an invitation to the next release like a preview or YouTube trailer.

????Along with how to use the data metrics analysis with Google analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools. We ninjayed Jaaxy targeted keyword research and these most sophisticated processes build themes that can make your readers eyes bulge and knock your socks off.

????Looking into hastags, and using them sparingly to get your information placed into folders where the people can look for it easily, much like the old school kardex at the library. Following hashtags can help to show what others may need or something helpful to them based on updates.

????Now then, you're ready for a monetization makeover. Test your copy and test call to action!

Thank you very much for joining my Sunday drive for a country mile. This was not blogging behind the wheel but had to cruise in memory of Kobi and the clan in a hellacious helicopter wreck. A tragedy, rest their gentle souls.

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." KOBE BRYANT

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Twack Premium
So, was this like a graduate degree course, topic ? Thrown in at the end of a lecture ?

"Productizing Your Niche With Social Media-Discuss"

Then we have the slow burn as the embers are blown with the winds of our imagination. Before long, the flames are high, the heat intense and the fire rages as realisation dawns like the tangerine coloured sun slicing through the dark to bring understanding and clarity to an opaque world.

Welcome home Becca. I have missed the 'JibbaJabba'. As a footnote, this is 'value' in my eyes and as such, now has a place on my desktop.
NnurseBecca Premium
Dear Twack,
You are an amazing genius. I planted this Jibba on your One Year WAniversary LOL!! In your honor.
I knew if I thought of a quirky title, you would be drawn in. I thought if I wrote it more than 2000 words, you would still read it to the end. And then I waited for this comment like waiting for my kids to get up and open their Christmas gifts.
It only took you til Tuesday what took my whole Sunday drive to write.
I believed it wouldn't grow cybercobwebs but not that you'd find it so fast! Waaaaaay more preceptive than Google and way should end up on your desk, as it was inspired by you.
The questions are actually little flags, and always leave to me finding glitches ha! This was not my thesis, but a celebration of your yearship in my goofy own way.
I'm glad you like it🤗💝🚩
Nurse Becca
NnurseBecca Premium
Actually 6 hours ago, i think was less than 24 hours and I didn't even text you a link
Twack Premium
I can only apologise for my tardiness. I seem to be on the perpetual loop of 'catch-up', not even sure if that's grammatically correct, as a loop, in essence is perpetual. Hmm, maybe an addition to 'The Little Book Of Thunks'
Anyway, it sat in my inbox, patiently waiting and then waiting some more. It was like Mr. Creosote's 'tiny wafer' waiting to be ingested, knowing that the rumbling would begin.
I shall rename the file on my desktop 'The Gift'
Order has been restored.
NnurseBecca Premium
Haha!!! Thank you so much im smiling ear to ear and just got my 1st review ao flabbergasted eeeeks of excited
Twack Premium
Wow, that is amazing. Congratulations. Nice write-up.
NnurseBecca Premium
I'm floored thank you so much!!!:)
rhealth101 Premium
Everyone has dreams, everyone has goals, everyone has visions, on that same note, everyone has thoughts, everyone has ideas. There is never a dream too small or too big that cannot be accomplished, or serve purpose, or be fulfilled in life. There is never a thought or an idea that is too small or too big that to see that your dreams do come true.

Thoughts and ideas appear in everyone’s mind on a daily basis, it is human mature for that to happen. Now that you have those thoughts and brainstorming ideas, let’s put them into action, through the process of the things that Nurse Becca has just describe, we also apply these in our everyday activities. Anything and everything that you do and perform each and every day, you use the techniques that She teaches here.

There is one thing in this life that you should never do, and that is to underestimate the power and the strength of your on knowledge and abilities, from within you, from within your wisdom, and from within your heart. To you, it may not seem like a whole lot or a great deal, but what you have within you, the gifts and talents that you were born with, may have the ability to turn someone else’s life and whole world around into a whole new outlook, and give them a whole new perspective on what they have and what they have to offer someone else. What you give and provide to someone else has extreme value to it, let that value that you have and provide and add value to someone else, and let it also take your life to new levels as well.

You go for a drive, you go for a walk, you listen to music, your mind is processing all of this, but you can us every bit of this to build your brand. How? The same way in which your mind processes these things, is the same way your mind can process your thoughts and ideas, now it is time to put them in action. You are driving, that is an action, you are going for a walk, that is an action, you are listening to music that is an action, now let’s take our thoughts and ideas and put them into action. Let’s take these actions and present them to the public and the community.

Nurse Becca, with the education in blogging that you continue to research each and every day. The passion that you have in the Nursing field, the passion that you have for helping others succeed and the passion that you hold in your heart for the people that surrounds you. That Super Affiliate glow surrounds your super-sized heart of beauty, you are a truly driven leader. When your heart and soul is set on a mission, when your mindset goes into your work and what you want to accomplish in life, you will begin to make that connect with your audience, that audience then grow and continues to grow. The thoughts and ideas that you create and put together to share with everyone shows just how beautiful your heart really is, not only is it on the outside, but it also goes deep within your heart.

I love the snow writing is so beautiful! You are the best mom a child could every ask for! Let us see the question marks for:

smiles and happiness that you continue to keep bringing and shining to the faces of everyone that you keep educating and everyone that gets around you.

Joy of the value of new information that you educate your audience and continue to keep us in fresh material on a day to day basis.

Hearts and a heart filled with love and passion because that is exactly what your heart is filled with, and is exactly that you provide to everyone every day.

The inspiration that you provide to everyone every day goes above and beyond any words can describe, because you put so much of your heart into your teachings, that the messages that you provide is truly a heartfelt message that you continue to keep providing, and continue to keep provide more and more:)

Thank you so much Nurse Becca!:)
Nerina1 Premium
Reading posts like this surely talk about experience, in all the fields of sharing your online business and passion, the phrase that comes to my mind is "helping, building trust online" promoting to take a lot of your mindset to gear it right.
Great article, will have to read again, a lot has been said.
Well done Rebecca.
NnurseBecca Premium
You both made me smile ear to ear. I'm glad to give. It has been a great day, and I am learning a lot about doing these things with a combined approach following the open education philosophy.
Many of these weird blog jibbas turn into training ideas, or have helped in other platforms. Like Nurse Pat and her handbags or a local business called Climbing Sammy's Tree Service. Everything people are learning here is transferrable.
I am told the training here is just for basic and beginnings. Those who start feeling that way should make some trainings here. I feel like I learn more from ongoing mentorship than I would without the networking and community.
Thank you so much for cheering me on, this is an awesome feeling of kudos to be celebrated.
timstime20 Premium
So much ... this is really potent
Your thoughts are priceless if we use
Took a while to read ... but well worth the time
You keep amazing me
I too pray for the families and friends in that crash🙏🏻🙏🏻
Thanks for the drive 🚗
NnurseBecca Premium
Yes poor fellas Amen. Thank you for encouraging me!
drjec Premium
There is a tremendous amount of info here. I might be good for you to format it like an training and offer it that way with more images and such. Its a fantastic resource. Thanks.
NnurseBecca Premium
Thank you!:) I hope my brainstorms aren't too goofy to be useful. I tried to add some more pictures, but I think they are not the right size or something. Then the crazy question marks oh wellz it takes practice and I've written some that are not so popular. If it helps a single person smile a little or learn something worthwhile, then I keep trying just in case. A couple of these topics I made into YouTube videos and will keep thinking of tutorials, videos and courses. I appreciate your honest response.
Kind Regards,
Nurse Becca
JeffreyBrown Premium
An ??????interesting read, indeed, from the poet who didn't know it!👍😎
NnurseBecca Premium
Thank you @! please scratch behind the ear for fuzzy Shadow friends
JeffreyBrown Premium
You bet, Becca!👍👍🐶😎