PayPal's 578 Billion Bucks in 2018

Last Update: July 15, 2019

PayPal packed 9.9 billion transactions totalling more than 578 billion bucks last year! While whopping a large revenue, Paypal is helping people solve the money puzzle. One piece is security, and PayPal transfers are able to stay on websites to promote safe transactions.

What you are about to read contains an actual case study, to evaluate the mechanics of PayPal with a Wealthy Affiliate website in action. Read on to discover more about important pieces of the PayPal money puzzle. This integration of payment options on websites pertains to every member who profits within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliates benefit from continuing education for PayPal as a great way to market and operate either small home business or international sales. The benefit is also taking note of how they are successful to practice the values which can duplicate the success on your business level. Global Sellers Program is a resource for worldwide sales expansion. While I am not deliberately promoting a single pay platform, it is a great idea to share the wealth of knowledge I have learned.

When you are investigating niche websites, keep in mind the greatest typhoon web giants did so by making strong partnerships to hold all the pieces of the money jig into a solid business.

In careful regard, compare standards and best practice of the top financial options and consider which ones your audience recognize, respect and remember.

Brands that your audience members return to occurs because of 3 factors in the relationship. We learn in Kyle and Jay's videos and trainings on Wealthy Affiliate that "People want to buy brands we:

Know, like and trust.

And more commonly, those with websites that rapidly load and integrate with their mobile device.

    Are you building your business for clients who require mobile capabilities? When your website is mobile, your payment methods should be.

    Antifraud Technology is a feature which follows PayPal's ecommerce launch. When PayPal separated from ebay, the share price for PayPal stocks dipped.

    If Rating and record of being trusted and secure are earned, such as a policy protecting the buyer with an eligible dipute process. This is an example of ethical and caring ways. A business doesn't gain ongoing influential status without taking care of their guests.

    This year, PayPal partnered with Instagram thus further propelling success for small and international business.

    The intergration was investigated with a case study for Wealthy Affiliate. This is a mini-mission for Lilah Grace to get her a Bibletoons book whilst she heals from cell therapy. I wanted to thank the entire WA community for putting in good vibes/prayers for her healing. Her hand edema (swelling) has reduced and pain has lifted.

    While shopping for a get well gift I found a message from Ronnie, Rhealth101 from Wealthy Affiliate that just made my heart melt. Lilah's fight against rare conditions has been met with support as Ronnie shared her story at his congregation along with a whole list of WA community members sent messages of love and healing. Because it made my heart melt like cheesy enchiladas...I sent Ronnie a recipe for Nurse Becca Killer Enchiladas to pay it forward on input regarding a forum blog and all of the Lilah get well wishes.

    The Bibletoons shopping went great, and I discovered a feature I wanted to share with our team.

    Paypal connected easily with Facebook messenger to send a quick receipt. I am anticipating the book awaiting shipping with excitement.

    The experience of integration of Paypal with HEN Affiliates' Bibletoons stories website is rather seamless. The receipt promptly appeared on my Facebook messenger. This may be a great interest for Wealthy Affiliate community because of the high integration of our websites with Facebook business accounts.

    The Bibletoon book wordpress site was great, only slowing a little bit when changing over to the shopping cart transaction.

    The Paypal integration also allows to send the books to schools or daycares or any other as a sort of tithe. The connection with PayPal leads to build trust in user experience, and can help accomplish the goals of fundraising for profit and non-profit organizations.

    A special thank you for Ronnie and Erin to shine a light through the dark clouds of Lilah's treatment with WA fellowship.

    With research I learned information that will be helpful and inspiring for our entire Wealthy Affiliate community. PayPal partnerships produced the 578 Billion Bucks circulating through their business in 2018! Think about the growth which is happening for this year.

    All of these partnerships from networking on a scale which integrates affiliate relationships with organizations that help build their brand.

    Google Pay with PayPal partnership is one great example.

    The partnership of PayPal with GooglePay is another important factor for PayPal expansion.

    Innovation with technology continues to expand and building these partnerships has new meaning in the fifth generation of technology that is unrolling now.

    Presently, PayPal is faring very well and likely will well into the future.

    Fingerprint verification for PayPal login protect users and generates a healthy trust in the business relationship by offering great security.

    That being said, users should always keep abreast of spam or phishing and present these problems to the attention of security.

    What I have learned so far of Google and PayPal is they will make a dynamic duo to protect consumer assets within online business.

    PayPal's Online Invoicing can be a convenient alternative to Quickbooks or Freshbooks or business branded invoices. There are many options available. What is unique to PayPal online invoice is that it enables payment from your Facebook account.

    In 2018, Paypal processed 9.6 Billion to charities of which 27% were on a mobile device, according to PayPal charity infographic. PayPal partnerships with GoFundMe and other similar charities has made global processing simple to complete. Furthermore, the simpler it is to process payments on donation, then the more donations the business can get for their charity.

    The simple setup to accept credit and debit cards within these systems makes fundraisers more popular than organizations without electronic processing. Cell phone ability online make a great portion of the total of PayPal payments.

    In short, money matters are sophisticated for online business. These issues require understanding basic knowledge of options in order to make the most informed decisions.

    It is a fantastic thing you have help of Wealthy Affiliate to help put the money puzzle together, and perhaps use this information to secure your own piece of the puzzle.

    Here is a quick bullet review of learning the PayPal features found with my research:

    • Integration with Facebook
    • Partnership with Google Pay
    • High Tech security: fingerprinting
    • GoFund Me charity fundraiser
    • Seemless Mobile interfaces
    • Global Sellers Program
    • Solves problems for small and large companies
    • We can replicate these tactics: Build partnerships with brands that reflect your business values to catalyze your success.

    To wrap up our short discussion, this blog presentation covers partnerships and features of PayPal with pay it forward stories of Wealthy Affiliate (even if they sound very cheesy). A word of praise and thank you for your interest in my work and support. Thank you Erin, thank you Ronnie, plus a big giant:

    Thank you to our community and team!

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