My Shaving Cream Skill Quiz

Last Update: February 05, 2020

This is a test, if it were real it would not be broadcasted by Nurse Becca's Wealthy Affiliate blog.

Okay, here is the disclaimer. I am weird. Now, then the pop quiz was the caregiver giver called into a room where a mannequin is in bed. All they see is a shiny wig, who is this new resident to get report on? Stop, handwash and Full gear for droplet precautions. Holy cow, is is a coronavirus run amok?

No, it is just a test.

Now gunked with shaving cream to represent toxic sludge of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

To remove it without getting on yourself, quick skill test. You only get one shot. And the fake patient doesn't share a word of encouragement.

Ready Goo !

2 tips to share. The gown strings shall not touch the floor and the mask must not be rubber-banded to fling goobers.

I thought about posting a shaving cream selfie of the regalia, but I didn't want to freak anyone out.

We just need a model to act it out on YouTube. HA!

If this is too nurse-nichey for you, just know it pertains to Wealthy Affiliates a rant from my heart. I want this to be a healthy community. Speaking for a WA member who needs screen rest for TBI, I know this sabbatical is needed. They must remain unnamed but will be missed. I'll keep the blog warm for them. That part of My Shaving Cream Skill Quiz ah lah Nurse Becca Blog is for real. We all need self care, and that is not a drill either.

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JohnButton Premium
Okay, I'm now back from my future but didn't bring any shaving cream! Haa!

Thanks, Becca ... my Bliss to you.
TaketheLeap Premium
Interesting post. With the new virus that's circling the world,definitely not out of place. Make it a great day, Becca!

JeffreyBrown Premium
Love the post, Becca--hope the unnamed one is okay!
Stanleycmng Premium
One needs to be healthy to do business. Interesting skill.
drjec Premium
Interesting post. Health concerns are an important topic in the WA blogs.