Impression of Performance

Last Update: September 21, 2019

Exporting Impressions gleaned from Google Analytics, this is my impression of the performance.

Although my study is in novice stage, it is reassuring to see the overall growth of a tiny website.

The best conversions appear upon certain metrics, such as the impression overlaps with other metrics.

With Google Webmaster, we can get a glimpse of progress over time. Further, we can focus in on the metrics which lead to conversions.

There are maverick marketers Wealthy Affiliate has rubbing shoulders every day who have an eagle eye view and mastery of matrics. They still would not be able to see what is working through the webmaster eyes of that site.

Tailoring your marketing to meet your market needs can be done as a clothier executing exact measurements of the groom who asked his dad for the family resource of exquisite design. The blazer formed to fit like the landing page for the particular market.

Make your own questions to answer with research.

1. What posts were made for which keywords when and how?

2. Could this spike on a graph be duplicated by reverse engineering the process?

3. How can it be improved?

4. Could a double down in paid ads on the ones which produce results create a better return on investment?

5. What can be automated or delegated in this process to streamline the results?

6. Could paid ads supplement the boost to further increase a segment of your traffic?

7. What other metrics can you learn from Wealthy Affiliate members to build authority with your brand?

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