How to Organize Five Giants

Last Update: February 24, 2019

How to Organize Five Giants is a marketing strategy research project to help Wealthy Affiliates triage and plan profitable execution of ads with:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook & Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn

Please keep in mind, this is not created by a marketing expert by any means. It is written by a nurse on travel assignment to help people with very rare conditions.

The study will be revised at each stop along the way with tidbits, and explanation of why the order is composed as such.

Pit Stop #1

I asked big daddeo, Google for some stats. YouTube is an online platform to show users videos that others created. YouTube was created by Jawed Karmin, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley in the United States in 2004. That makes YouTube 14 years old. They sold this platform in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars to Google who is the owner today. It is now worth 160 billion dollars.

YouTube is the 2nd behind google for search and has over 2 billion users today. Marketing opportunities are vast in this website. There are 432 how to make how to videos on YouTube alone. Altogether there are 1.3 billion videos on YouTube. Most gamers use YouTube to show off their skill. Youtube is used throughout the world and the top 5 countries for users are:

  • The US
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • India

YouTube is on the top of the list to research here because I fear making videos of me and want to face that fear. Also, YouTube is on the top of the list because it converts visitors to active customers and clients easier than other venues. People would rather watch a how to video than read a how to manual.

There is a lot of ice and snow blowing over the road. We will discuss Facebook/Instagram at the next scenic by-way. The conclusion of this blog will be the organization or strategy to help with your business marketing plan. Elk Crossin' next 10 miles!

Facebook and Instagram Factoids

Facebook and Instagram are related and are grouped together for this project just to connect them as a tactic to enhance organizing your plan. FB bought IG for a cool billion smackarooz about 9 years ago.
Facebook and Instagram is worth a combined whopping 562.03 billion dollars.

Facebook and Instagram are about 25 years old, and both have an option of a business account. Around15 years ago, Facebook was born as a social media online gathering for people to chat and share, as well as network. It helps people keep in touch and build brand awareness, as well as send and receive private messages. There are ways to advertise free, as well as opportunities which have a cost which the user dictates over a time frame. Advertisements are easy to build and monitor, and can be turned off and on with the flip of an icon 'switch'.

Instagram is growing at a faster rate than Facebook currently, and Instagram gets quadruple the engagement rate more than Facebook. Both are important for business and can be selected as main stem for your marketing plan.

Instagram can be programmed into your business/marketing plan as…

“If this then that"

If you have not heard this approach, it is a concept of posting. One idea of this approach is to make IG post ads in addition to each Facebook advertisement. The if this then that tactic can apply to your unique business and adapt its very own advertisement branches.

Regardless of which of the 5 giants you are organizing, the strategy can be adapted to a nurse step process to build your strategy. That will be tied in at the end of this presentation to make a framework for your success.

Around another mountain and I will greet a patient with a smile. Next on the How to Organize Five Giants blog agenda is to briefly introduce the rest of the largest internet platforms, then we will use the step process to design a draft Marketing Plan.

Pit #2 Pinterest Posting

Pinterest, Inc. is a social media ap company that operates a software system designed to disburse pictures on the internet throughout the world.
What makes Pinterest so unique from our other giants is that instead of using words as content, it uses interesting pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, and may be more universal to audiences who do not understand your language.

Pinterest is worth a whopping 15 billion dollars.
Microsoft owns the 9-year-old Pinning platform, with
250 million users on it.

The top 4 countries that use Pinterest are:
• The United States of America
• Brazil
• India
• Russia

Tailwind analyzes the most popular pins on Pinterest.
A Tailwind Tribe is a group of bloggers you share your pictures with. There are creative marketing opportunities with a Pinterest account.

I have an image in my mind of a Tailwind tribe for Amazon, just because I can picture the busy super invisible mall like a jungle...and people getting lost. I think it makes sense to get feedback from a posse, to save time from getting lost in the jungle. Ok George, watch out for that tree!

Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a US company that trumpets online news and social networking as their main service. Twitter members post and interact with messages pet named as “tweets".

Talk about Twitter pay-ted…

Did you know a Kardashian can earn $$$$ 13,000 $$$$ bucks from a single Tweet!?

Now that's a lot of dough!

Twitter started in 2013, and has about 86% of its revenue rolling in from advertisements. There are several ways to make money with Twitter online.

A direct method is like the Kardashian example. Companies often increase the bounty for popular people who promote products or showcase services on the micro blog arena named Twitter. An indirect form of monetizing Twitter is by utilizing it as a tool to drive more traffic to your web site.

It is important to know on Twitter, the big wigs will freeze accounts if there are more than 10-20% of affiliate links. That means the micro blogs must be macro engaging and provide great VALUE, without being an up in the face used car salesman style.

With curly black chest hair sticking out of a crappy suit, a glued on hat and mustache like Matilda's dad. Ok you get the drift...

Another indirect way to make money on Twitter is to use the feature which allows for list building site is where you get a "card" that creates the call to action button for getting emails on your list.

One great benefit of Twitter is the list building follows in a specific niche. The people who you gather in follows will be interested in brands like yours. Because it is more specific, and the followers already have an interest in your niche, the conversion rate is higher. If you follow on Twitter the option becomes open for Twitter peeps to follow you.

The funniest part I learned on Twitter is that a poser profile of a celebrity can be paid a pretty penny just for making up a mock post. I am thinking comedians would make great tweeters. The money lining their pocket is no joke!

Lastly, LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites. Linkquaintances are quite simple to come by on the business networking site. Just click to ad a connection, and a message is sent much like the follows for other internet giants. You can only get your contact list from LinkedIn if you have a paid account, that is the premium at 49$monthly. The benefits of a Premium account also include the ability to take many online courses, which highlight soft skills that will be of increasing importance for careers.

LinkedIn is17 years old, and is worth over $120 million.
Microsoft owns LinkedIn, with 500 million users.
The founders of linked in are Reid Hoffman; Allen Blue; Konstantin Guericke; Eric Ly; Jean-Luc Vaillant.

One bug is a controversy I have encountered where people argue about what is "business appropriate." Like Happy Gilmore winning and gaining fans for his golf game with belligerence, people get irritated with the explosion of engagement on seemingly inappropriate posts.

They have even poked fun at my name...

I made a 2 word comment on a video with a slender girl wearing a bikini catching a catfish with her hands. The stream was outrageous and hilarious. Look at the numbers as of today:

Noodling for Catfish: 950,256 views: 11,046 shared: 1,426 comments.

Then when my name was made fun of, I made a smarty pants statement in response to how this could even belong on a business platform. I said two applicants are in the final stages of consideration for a very prestigious position with a robust salary. The final test was to discover who could argue most diplomatically.

Proverbial Crickets...

Not a single poke at my name after that.

Then I caught a dandy🙂

My Finish Line, Driving it Home

Alright fearless leaders, aka Wealthy Affiliates, in case you are wondering where the organization and strategy is... Without further ado (or pits)

Ad-pie is the answer to organizing the giants of the world wide web. I learned the acronymn in nursing school, and it represents a tried and true scientific process. I put the hyphen in there to accent the "Ad" for your marketing plan. Yes a business NEEDS a plan. This nursing step process is the way to build a care plan. This example is how each business may create a marketing strategy. Consider the 5 giants as a menu, pick one or all depending upon your appetite. Or your business desire of success.

Send them through this circle of Ad-pie...I had better explain what this is, especially for all my dear dedicated people who stuck through the whole road trip.

A=assessment. GATHER DATA phase

D=diagnosis. Keep in mind there is a stark difference between diagnoses, even between Docs and Nurses. Your marketing diagnosis is the DEVELOPMENT of theme of a plan.

P=planning. WHAT you need to do, checklists or calendar tasks, delegate or automate?

I=implementation. The best of medicated creams will not work if not APPLIED (requires action)

E=evaluation. Look at the analytics, then start at A again

At this point you evaluate which ideas made the most sense for your niche, brand, and ongoing business plan along with a marketing strategy.

I hope you enjoyed the ride, and remember that there are the huge giants with close to infinity amounts of money to the impoverished. Take a look at a few marketing ideas at a time in a systematic fashion. Please let me know if it helped at all to use the nursing technique. Write your own caring business plan, that may be less overwhelming as a David of a blogger or small business.

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