Exquisite Elixir, 100% Love Recipe

Last Update: February 16, 2020

Valentine wish for Wealthy Affiliate

In honor of this day of Love, happy belated with Hopes and Wishes for a tradition to celebrate.

Recipe for an exquisite elixir !

100% Love Potion:

Start with 2 fearless feathers from turtle-doves,

Melt the aroma of some sweet smelly candle wax,

A couple a dozen chocolates,

13 sugar gum drops,

An arrow tip of Cupid,

Soften with a Samba,

Add a listen to the heart,

Strongest point, at the apex:

4 rose petals,

Doing their best,

Blend together, whip it good...

add in all the tender years

A non erasable memory appears

And love trumps all!

Follow your

Dreams building a plan

Highly engaged people become loyal fans

This blog praises social proof and managing engagement

Humble and kind is love it hates to trumpet

Not Boasting rants but just for the fun of it

Debate but celebrate

Ps please, like and comment adding in the discussion your promo and proof

This love exists, the exquisite elixir rules and triumphs

It's not just a crush,

Our WA community is CRUSHING IT

exhibitB: grease stained valentine, 100%proof 100%pure elixir

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rhealth101 Premium
OH WOW Nurse Becca! Beautiful! Simply Beautiful!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Such beautiful poetry
Written by you

What is love?

Love is one of those magical moments that cannot be seen through the eye, it can only be felt through emotion. What you can see is the action of what others will do to show their love.

Love is without a doubt the greatest gift, the most beautiful the most amazing gift that you could ever give to anyone. Love is something that everyone needs. Unconditional love is the meaning and the purpose of life.

The word love and the word beautiful have a lot in common. When you understand where someone’s heart is, where their passion is, and have belief in the person, love just comes natural.

Love is helpful
Love is family
Love is friends
Love is caring for one another
Love is when you bring joy to someone
Love is when you bring happiness to someone
Love is giving a smile to someone
Love is in your heart
Love is belief
Love is passion
Love is putting others needs before your own
For those whom love one another
shall never be alone.

A beautiful poem
beautiful pictures / photos and videos and cards
a beautiful person
a beautiful heart

Nurse Becca you continue to show so much love to your family, to your friends, to your community, to your patients, to your clients, to your passion, to your dedication, to your mission, to your belief in others! Thank you!

Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to you Nurse Becca! and Congratulations on your recommendation!

NnurseBecca Premium Plus
This was a beacon of light on a darkened night,
As you know people have needs which never end, but you think of the person and caring, that passion can keep nurses up all night. And albeit exhausting, it isn't an inconvenience. Hoping ailments pass and people won't without comfort and only at their time of natural means with that love.

People really are still there regardless of what they have forgotten and how they are able to show in response. People who only heard my voice in passing through the stills of the nights in a faraway coma can come back and know your name.
Phenomenal and cool. Is it you nurse becca ? no it's your becca nurse.
StellaAmoak1 Premium
Awesome! you are amazing: thanks for sharing.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Awwwww shux! I feel flattered ☺️
Joes946 Premium
Wow! Again, I say Wow!
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Well thank you so much ☺️💝
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Im glad you liked my pizza greasy Valentine's card, Lilah is the co-artist lol
Joes946 Premium
Loved it!
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
We loved it too, pizza pie cafe is my friend
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my wonderful cousin, too often we underestimate the power of touch. A smile, a kind word a listening ear. A honest compliment, all the which has the potential to turn a life around by giving that love. I love your blog my cousin, and May love, true love always be part of your Journey.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
It is cuz! 🙂🙂🙂♥️ thank you kindly for stopping by this note
ERichardson1 Premium
How could I not stop by when my cousin has gave such an outstanding blog. Have a wonderful week with much success.
texasprinces Premium
I always love reading your posts. :) A love potion is very tempting. lol
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
♥️😉 it does sound like fun
Thank you Princess☆♡