Cross Your Heart, Crossing No Man's Land

Last Update: September 24, 2019

For sale; mega plumpy lip gloss and super sleek mascara! Calling All Cosmetic Divas for a last chance to pocket savings. On sale only while supplies last. GET YOURS before they run out! Lip gloss that looks like the fake neurotoxin injections hurry hurry before your chicken lips fall off.

Haha ! Just kidding!!

I'm not selling oranges by the freeway ( or Becca Kay makeup. )


Just making the way across country for another weird Becca blog jibba brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate.

Crossing Washington to Idaho and almost clear to Wyoming then back again in a Mitsubishi Cross.

Because Your new training won't upload for the Crazy Egg Intro, I wanted to make this blog a reflection, review and project for any members who want to participate and share ideas. Maybe that will give me some time to whip up insane fluffy pancakes with the Crazy Egg home skillet style.

In this meantime, I also wanted to recap my WA-hoo's and celebrate in just a few days will be my 1 year anniversary with WA!!!

Happy day cyber hugs & digital kisses💝💝💝

Wrapping up this first year back with WA, I have accomplished many things. I made a website and rebuilt it with input. My skills of review have improved. The way I understand digitial marketing has advanced to the point of exercising tactics to boost brand awareness.

Recently, I was discovered by Amelia on LinkedIn who specializes in visibility online. I had to answer a list of questions to be featured for a podcast. If you decided to utilize the marketing potential of Podcasts, it creates a networking opportunity. If you chose not to pursue podcasting, the tactics can still be quite useful.

Let's quickly review the questions to help with an exercise in answering them for the benefit of promoting your brand in your niche.

Imagine questions pertaining to your specialty, which you can prepare for making videos, poscasts or blogs. I am preparing answers to the following questions on these screenshots.

You can create your own targeted questions to build based on the goal of the campaign project. This can be presented in many ways aside from a podcast in itself. Sort of like the post feed and story on Instagram. The point is repurposing content for strategy of directing traffic.

It is a great idea to look into tools to make your process organized with proven strategies, like Wealthy Affiliate and the Nursing Process.

In the nursing cycle, we first assess. My assessment is the gathering of information, such as completion of entrepreneur certification and bootcamp. The diagnosis is an educated guess based on the information and analysis. After the diagnosis (Potential for learning marketing), then we would start planning. The planning phase is nothing without implementation, that is the action after the strategy. All that is left after implementing is evaluation, that starts the process from the beginning at assessment.

Like the song that never ends.

All in All My first Successful Year in business to celebrate:

With cases from several firms, I compiled the lessons to present as staff training. The approach is to make learning opportunities with the valuable lessons gleaned from law suits. In any profession, the knowledge is applicable for Wealthy Affiliate and other courses.

My 1 year anniversary adventure was long but as always, great to help deliver the needed skills to teach self administration subcutaneously or IV administration depending on the product, condition and orders.

Crossing No Man's Land for immunoglobulins and biologicals, it is a privilege having a sleek ride that is dependable. Hooray for making safely to Lava Hot Springs!

Gripping traction is great with my loaner Cross, built for road trips and travel blogs of a Becca Nurse.

To list the features of the Cross, first I want to explain this sporty SUV has my heart. Memories take me back to the first truck I ever drove. It was a stick shift Mitsubishi with no 2nd gear, thus affectionately named Mister B Word.

One improvement may be to make the cubby in front of the gear shift big enough to put items without them falling. The shallow stow space is in competition with that shifter. Meaning that if there is anything too big in there, it may crowd a smooth shift into park. Just one bump in the road from a dicey situation.

Do not get me wrong, the whole vehicle was overall very nice. And don't worry, no dicey dice.

Thank GOODNESS for brand spanky new Mitsubishi Cross. I am very glad to cross your heart while I'm crossing no man's land. Taking unexpected additional assignements can mean a long way home.

Still the Soda Springs cruise was comfortable and stylish with an SUV that drives like a sports car. My 4.5 star rating for the versatile design, roomy plus thoroughly detailed with skill that is great enough to keep clothes clean despite their drenched in a downpour and dropped in the mudpuddle, just lose the dry cleaner back and stows nicely.

The sun still came out!

On the road again!

I'm feeling Thankful and Blessed to brainstorm this year with some of the most amazing people in this community.

This year I made more professional and business minded friends and affiliates than all my 20+ years in pharmacy and nursing.

Wealthy Affiliate worked together with me on video reviews, brainstorming, guest blogs, being active with comments and supporting each other through good and the bad. To tell you the truth, I was always shy of making videos and selfie stuff. The reassurance from our family on Wealthy Affiliate has been my main source of support for my business.

And I rose the rank to be an advocate for world famous Wealthy Affiliate. Ambassador is a great opportunity, but I would not have had that chance without the caring and support, comments and kindness, overall inspiration and love from our community. In fact, I sink a lot if people don't want a goofy nurse like me in leadership here. All you have to do to keep Nurse Becca there is click the like and comment on the assignment.

But first, more pearls from a splendid one year. I have learned so many things. It is difficult to list, but here are bulleted highlights:

  • How to built a website with SEO
  • Writing a blog with keywords
  • Instagrammable stuff
  • How to use plugins
  • What in the WA-hood is a Widget
  • Pinterest precision tactics
  • Word press reports editing and publishing
  • Google Ads, Pay per click
  • Bingy thingys
  • Scoops on Scams
  • Make a GIF
  • Closed Captioning
  • You Tube video marketing
  • Email list rebuilding to be
  • A fun bit about funnels
  • Scaling up to capitalize strong conversions
  • Affiliate programs out the WA-zoo
  • How to beg to be unbanned for being a bonehead (and the other times mostly not deserving it)
  • Screencasting
  • Facebook fandangling
  • Finally! In Jay's live training I learned about Quora's questionable clout. In case you miss a live coaching, they are usually promptly available. This one took awhile but well worth the wait.

I will spare you more bullets because I don't want to overwhelm newbie members, bore or trigger the veterans. Or make the natives restless. But I will expand on one topic instead of another bullet because this could be a great honor study topic to explode sales.

Add More Dimension for your New Idea

    I have another marketing tool to share in my year of learning celebration. This tool is more of a guideline to expand in your niche called 3D ads. I learned this from Pat Iyer's podcast while driving down the road.

    Add your own materials that are something to hold onto with substance. You could send out a branded magnetized calendar for potential clients.

    The Vickie Milazzo Institute has all sorts of great ideas like this for creating advertisements that will be more likely for conversions. These tactics take off with daily action. A magnet Idea is handy to keep you in mind as a resource within your niche market.


    Here are the two activities of Cross Your Heart Crossing No Man's Land blog (If you like Nursey Becca Ambassadors or find value in my jibber jabber jibbas)

    Please comment on these questions for the assigment.

    1. Answer any question off of the podcast screening or brainstorm your own targeted questions to ask.

    2. Do you have a 3D idea? How can you exhibit or market for your business in this way to drastically improve your conversions?

    PS I will keep working on getting the Crazy Egg Screencast online for you! With a super side of insanely fluffy pancakes.

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    brileehi Premium
    Thank you for all of this information, Becca.

    rhealth101 Premium
    The one-year anniversary that very special moment in time that we have our reflection and look back, we take a look back on who we are as a person, where we have been on the journey the lives that you are changes for the better the lives that you are improving, where your mission is going to take you, and where your mission is going to take others. Where do you want to go? The dreams that you are fulfilling as well as the dreams that you are helping others live and accomplish in their life.

    Nurse Becca you have taught us so many things in the last year, since you have been here. The list of things that you have taught us, is a small piece, of what you are going to teach us and the places that you are going to take us. You have taught us that, the journey, the road to success, fullfilling our lives purpose and passion is like a road trip. Every road trip is an adventure of a lifetime. An adventure that will take us to places that we have never dreamed of going. To the most beautiful places on earth. The next destination is going to be even more awesome and more beautiful, because you are feeding your mind with new and improved thoughts, ideas and motions.

    When you go on vacation, generally speaking you know where you are going, but there are two things you don’t know:

    The scenery, the adventure, all the site seeing that you are going to be encountering along the way. What is so interesting about site seeing, you are increasing yourself that much more along the path that you are aware on. You may not see it at the time, but take a picture, it may not seem like a lot at the time, but the picture may add value to you life or someone else life someday – sometime, you don't never know who's life you might be changing.

    To your travel, your journey, and your adventure along the way. You will see things that will make your mind and your life grow in ways that you never thought was possible. There will be scenary along the way that will lead you to bigger and better things that you are not aware of.

    After you reach your destination of your vacation, your mind is going to be filled with the joy and excitement!!! Of the new adventures!! And these new adventures will provide a lifetime of happiness.

    Believe it or not, but you can create just as much quality material from no man’s land as you can from a crowd gathering at an event it all depends on you, and how much creativity that you want to put into it. People love ideas, and the best ideas come from no man’s land, because that is where you can do the most brainstorming and creative thinking from.

    Now, let’s add something to that shall we... What do you see a lot of no in man’s land? You see animals, but you also see a lot of plant life too. More importantly what we see a lot of is trees. As you take a look at these trees, have you even thought about where those trees come from? These trees come from a seed.

    There is a saying that holds absolute truth. The benefit what you sow. Nurse Becca, the seed that you have sown here at WA, your personal life, your business life, the life of everyone around you, you have sown

    the seed of goodness,

    the seed of grateness,

    a seed of life,

    a seed of love,

    a seed of giving,

    A seed of guidance,

    a seed of sharing,

    a seed of hope,

    a seed of happiness,

    a seed of success,

    A seed of adventure,

    a seed of acheivements,

    A seed of wisdom,

    A seed of knowledge,

    A seed of education,

    A seed of talent,

    a seed of nuture,

    a seed of development,

    a seed of growth,

    a seed of prospecritive

    The seeds that you have sown to the entire community gives them a reason to proceed with their passion in life. Your words carry the most beautiful, the most breathtaking voice. I absolutely love how you write, how you put everything together to create an education that carries everyone into tomorrow. There is a saying

    “what are you doing today that is pre-pairing you for tomorrow?”

    “what you are doing today pre-pairs you for tomorrow.”

    This is what your writing, your blogs, and your education reminds me of, you are always prepairing me for tomorrow. When I read your material, when I read your words, when I read your writing, I absolutely love every single word that you write, it always reminds of this. Nurse Becca, you are the light at the end of the tunnel. The same positive seeds of success, growth, and development that you are sowing for others, you are also growing for yourself!!

    How does a tree grow? Nature provides it with plenty a water, sunshine, and warmth. After that the roots start to grow, then the trunk begins to develop, then the limbs and leaves start to form, after we allow it the time of nuturing it. We watch it grow into the most beautiful, the most awesome tree, that we have ever seen.

    Nurse Becca, you provide and set a seed of water light and warmth, then we watch our seed that you have planted and provide water, sun, and warmth to, we watch that seed grow into the most beautiful, the most awesome tree of business that we have ever seen!!

    Every morning, your blogs, your writings always provide that next level and that nest step of success for the journey ahead. I know that when I read your writings your blogs, I know that I have the confidence to proceed with that nest step throughout the day!

    Whenever someone falls you are right there to pick them back up again.

    Whenever someone gets off course you are right there to get them back on course again.

    You do so much more than communicate with you audience, you make that connection that is very difficult to find and trust. Do you know why you do that, because not only do you make a way to relate to your audience, you go that extra mile to care for your audience, and to care for one another.

    Not only do I have faith and believe in your purpose, I believe in what you are providing! I believe in your passions, I believe in your skills, I believe in your talents, I believe in you! You are the best writer I have ever seen! I love how beautifully put together everything is created. You are an awesome creator of words and pictures to put with those words!!

    Nurse Becca, not only do you provide talent and potential to everyone, but you also see the talent and potential in everyone, and that adds value. You add value.

    Cross Your Heart
    Words Speak So True
    Coming From You
    NnurseBecca Premium
    I love you, too, Ronnie
    Bless your heart
    rhealth101 Premium
    I love you, too, Nurse Becca
    Bless your heart
    mosb2012 Premium
    In your second clause in your screenshot photo you mentioned "enough is enough".

    Well here's an article I wrote entitled "ARRRGH! Frustrated? Needing Extra Money?":

    In the article I too mentioned "enough is enough".

    I can only hope I make it a whole year to celebrate like you with millions of dollars in my pocket. Ahh, who am I kidding I mean at least a few thousand a month would be nice. I just saw that in your second clause and I went hmmmm, and that trigger that I remembered putting a picture in there called enough is enough just thought you might get a kick out of it not to mention some more exposure would be nice to.

    Anyways check it out leave a comment let me know what you think.

    Yours in Success,

    NnurseBecca Premium
    Sure, thanks $haun. I appreciate it
    NnurseBecca Premium
    It is an organized site. I am thinking the keywords for OxyContin bring in many google searches, as well as drug addiction recovery. It resonates with me that you want to help people, that is a strong message in your writing. I have not made a comment on the site yet, but am interested, how much traffic does your website get? Are you getting conversions? Just curious. Have a good day, and thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.
    Kind Regards,
    Nurse Becca
    mosb2012 Premium
    I'm getting around 100 clicks per month right now. No conversions yet though. As I've only been at this for about 6-7 weeks now.

    Yw for commenting on your blog. I truly endure this one-of-a-kind pay it forward system.

    Yours in Success,

    NnurseBecca Premium
    YOU are gonna rock THIS!:):):)
    mosb2012 Premium
    I sure hope so. Ty for your support...

    Yours in Success,

    TonyJS Premium
    NnurseBecca back with a bang! And what a crazy cool blog you have given us!!
    You’re writing is just fantasmically awesome!
    Thanks for giving me the joy of laughter on a cold and wet Tuesday!

    Until next time
    NnurseBecca Premium
    Dear Tony,
    You're most welcome with a big warm virtual hug from my heart.
    I am a goofball lol and glad you like it🤓🥰
    ERichardson1 Premium
    Good evening cousin, oh my God I do love you, you have given excellent information, you have given smiles to people's faces, you are incredible in fact you are amazing. I love love love the way you write. Thank you so much for this blog. And may you have a most wonderful outstanding week my dear cousin.
    NnurseBecca Premium
    💝💝💝💝💝awwww shucks! I love you too Cuz! 😄 my heart so happy right now. Thank you so much
    ERichardson1 Premium
    You're so very welcome, have a very beautiful successful week my wonderful cousin.