A game of Solitaire

Last Update: January 12, 2020

Hi team, I am practicing a meditation on self care, and wanted to teach you a card game. In honor of nurses accused of playing cards in rural hospitals and brought to you in an analogy. In fellowship.

The goal is to get all 4 aces, and each higher suit trumps the lower suit in order to eliminate cards.

Start by placing 4 cards in a row, face up. Remove the lower cards of same suits and replace 4 cards in each column when no lower suits can be removed. Only the top card can be removed. If you get to the bottom by removing cards in a column, you can then move 1 card on your slate to that empty spot.

Keep going until you just can't remove any cards or you get the 4 aces in a row.

You have lost if any but the 4 aces remain, and must pick up the deck and start over.

I really don't sit around playing cards all day, but wanted you to imagine marketing in the same fashion. Imagine selecting and pruning this way, to cultivate relationships or partner with the 4 aces for your advertisement or mutual mentorship and support.

Don't worry how many times you must pick up the deck starting over.

You'll end up on top with all aces by never giving up.

Maybe you'll end up with Jay from Magistudios as your Ace of spades, sparking your imagination to build a profitable accessory niche website or creating a new home visit program with optional nursing safety inspections for law firms who specialize in injuries that impair mobility...the possibilities I have learned and actions are endless for building a thriving company and set my skills up to be the Ace of hearts for my clients.

This is my brief break from "take 3" as I'm curating video for a Wealthy Affiliate tutorial on YouTube now. I was just trying to closed caption with an Android app of screencastomatic. I hope this works, as I tried beta phase of the tool. I decided I needed a break to say hello, teach a card game and let everyone know what I'm up to. Beside my little sweety Lilah bean puking up some foam. Self care is a must. I hope you like the game.

I'm still prospecting learning tools to share, and open to topics of interest for the open education project. Thank you for your comments, interest, caring and sharing.

Have you heard of this form of solitaire?

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Krissy20 Premium
I used to play solitare with my grandfather. It is a good way to clear your mind and focus on the end goal. Getting to the aces
timstime20 Premium
Thanks Becca
I’ve not played this form of solitaire but in my old career solitaire relaxed me at the end of a day ...
love your ace analogy with Kyle and Carson and Jay
Keep your projects going
Look forward to the teaching of your next game
Mick18 Premium
I haven't played solitaire in years. I might have to go find a deck of cards. Thanks, Becca.
Have a wonderful week,
Ryan4488 Premium
My mother used to play Spider Solitaire daily on the computer for hours!
starfalex123 Premium
Thanks for sharing with us .It was great.I having played in years .keep up the good work. All the best on your 2020 journey. May you have continue success with your business. Fitzgerald