7 Phenomenal Features of "The Spiffy-G-Wagon"

Last Update: June 25, 2019
  1. 7 Phenomenal Features of "The Spiffy-G-Wagon"

A Nurse Becca Blog Jibba for Wealthy Affiliates

This road trip is marked with a car that at first glance looked sort of like a Bentley. I shall name it "The Spiffy-G-Wagon" and go over 7 Phenomenal Features in honor of Kyle's Bugatti Blog Jibba. There are also some insights here for Fellowship in networking. In more honor of ultra rare conditions, patients and families. It is my greatest joy and privilege to present.

1. Safety

Shifter safety mirror

From the cool knob shifter, the mirror adjusts itself. I love that these humans made safety so stylish!

2. Cool Knob for shifter

In a way felt like driving what I imagine of a space craft from Star Wars. When it dawned on me that the thing which moves the mirror is the shifty knobby jobby.

3. Mobster Cigar holder

Maybe it is for a fancy pen for autographs... Fancy

No telling, so I just put lip gloss there for ambience.

4. Did not get me stranded

I cannot express the words of appreciation for trips free from car trouble.

Something makes my heart sing:

A trustworthy vehicle to get you from point A to point B and back to A without OMG!

Rumor has it this Spiffy-G-Wagon car does not come with a dip stick for the tranny from the factory. The customer must either take it in for service or purchase their own dipstick.

Dipstick or not, this equipped car quits and gets it. (Climbs up to speed quickly).

5. The clock looks sheek:

What time is it? Time to test the stereo!

6. Booms like Blue

Blue is the old farm truck that lost gears into the wind between here and lands unknown. I'm not mad Blue got me stranded, just still feeling guilty for risking the truck for a long country mile. With Enterprise they let me down instead of picking me up. Then Avis came through because they believe in the mission of a nurse. They always act with haste when I get my nurse-mobiles.

This time I was made fun of for my driver's license picture (yes I look like a weirdo). He had to show my crappy picture to the other carhop behind the counter. They both loudly laughed at me. This same guy always asks me if I'm a good driver.

Just turned it up a little like who's laughing now...

The stereo is made to make the seat jiggle, but no I didn't blast it off. The system factory in the Spiffy-G-Wagon is tuned identically to the bass and treble that could get you into trouble. Just like my Blue.

7. In my Spiffy-G-Ride it was also a networking adventure.

I received another invitation to premeir on podcast, this time on my niche specific consulting network.

With a quick phone conference, I had the privilege to talk with a renown consultant, Elle.

On Facebook messenger, I introduced Wealthy Affiliate's new feature Affiliate Programs. This was a great meeting, from one mastermind who harnessed social and online presence for medical facilities.

The idea of value-based pricing was a topic I have heard about in home health. Back when I home health and hospiced 2 vehicles to death.

Now my mind was racing of other possibilities with this inspiring brainstorm. This is what happens when I get to work with genius.

I wanted to introduce you to this concept for service-type business. The idea of value based pricing can be a model for companies who can show the loss a business will incur based off of valid statistics. This may sound complicated, but it is no different than applying it to a simple example.

Let's Take the hotel example.

Your business researches reviews of customers who will never return related to an experience of finding hair, used soap, half-eaten sandwiches geckos climbing up the wall or even Eeeeeeeks bed bugs. Now you have a proposal outlining the loss of people who simply would not return if attention, time and money are not invested in creating the best housekeeping process.

Couple this with references and there you have a great basis for value-based pricing.

This is just one example of value based pricing.

Another way to ponder this is payed shares on social media for popular influencers as opposed to shares you may pay for on a smaller scale. In other words, High traffic blog spots may have a heftier price tag for advertisement. Or guest blogs.

I hope you had fun cruising right along with me in my Spiffy-G-wagon. Number seven is the best part of this Nurse Becca Blog.

Remember you can network from practically anywhere. Even a borrowed wanna be Bentley!

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rhealth101 Premium
NnurseBecca Premium
rhealth101 Premium
Hello NurseBecca, hope you doing well :) sorry for delay liking this one.

Best Regards,
rhealth101 Premium
Love the smilely face by the way :)
rhealth101 Premium
Cars are like our everyday living,
There are so many features that are offered on cars
there are so many features that are offered in our everyday lives and living

choices - which can give us great value.
Challenges - often times a challenge would not be scene as a feature, however a challenge can offer great opportunities for us to strive for that next level.
goal setting
will power
connecting with one another
capabilities - you have the capability to a achievement anything you want to achieve

Just to name a few things, the list is endless, you can us your imagination - the shy is the limit to the possibilities.

and as you mentioned --
- investments, values, and trust
- when you make investments you make improvements
- when you make improvements you create value.
- along with value comes trust.
- trust creates more traffic which could be the potential for more customs to your business.

I hope that you are doing well
NnurseBecca Premium
I'm doing good! Likewise &Thankyou;! What a genius reply. I sent you a video on PM I think it will help for your ebook. Once I get the actual day of podcast I'll send you an invitation 🙂 that way I don't chicken out haha lol
rhealth101 Premium
Hi NurseBecca,

Thank you for the video!:)

I have to be leaving until later this afternoon, and will send a better response when I return - until then, Thank You so very much for your help!! :) :) :)

I hope you have a wonderful day!! :) :) :)

Kind Regards
NnurseBecca Premium
You're welcome! It seems to work well I have fun with the reformatting templates
elhuntley Premium
Another good post NB and you mentioned two of my favorite cars Bently and Bugatti.
NnurseBecca Premium
Lol thank you for reading this 😁 I like NB ...hey it can be my G name jklol!!! Monica 34th ave is my other disguise 🤣 rofl
manna4star2 Premium
I will take a Shelby Mustang that goes over 200 MPH. AKA, the Last of the Muscle Cars,
NnurseBecca Premium
That would be a fun ride! I was happy with the 2019 Mustang Avis gave me. It was great on hairpin turns to. Drop top that bad hair day haha lol
mcknisu Premium
Great Post..thanks
NnurseBecca Premium
Welcome!! 🙂🙂🙂
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks for the smiles this morning Nurse Becca. You have added value to my day.
NnurseBecca Premium
Dear Ray,
That makes me glad and smile right back atcha 😁 I hope you have a fantastic day!
Pedrone Premium
well even if I believe Ferrari are the Autonome Beast Beast cars in the World I m going to drive this FORD for wile!
NnurseBecca Premium
Haha! Me too I have one of those and a new motor to slap in there 🤣
Pretty yellow car ooh lahlah
Pedrone Premium
I m always amazed and somehow even charmed by your articles and blogs

and about the supercar ....
yeah.. I have that photo on the fridge
with all the other dreams

NnurseBecca Premium
Awwwwwww! See you're so sweet
Thank you Pedrone, you have a big heart💝
LLettau1 Premium
Becca, I am sorry to report that your cigar holder is accurately made to hold your $100 billed in case you want to tip the parking garage attendant on the way out.
NnurseBecca Premium
I would love to tip them but they were laughing so hard at my picture they both snorted! They will get one next time if they be good lol
lesabre Premium
Hi NurseBecca,

This is just part 1 of several parts on my thoughts to your post. It is almost 2:00 AM Ontario, Canada time. Way to late/early to get into the many things I have to say. I am sure a lot more ideas will come to me in my dreams.

First of all please quit playing with that knob.

To quote a paragraph from your post:

"Rumor has it this Spiffy-G-Wagon car does not come with a dip stick for the tranny from the factory. The customer must either take it in for service or purchase their own dipstick".

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. My gosh did you investigate this theory.

Mind you it is a possibility. In my travels today, I did pass by a Chrysler dealership and saw several customers and technicians walking around with dipsticks in their hands. I thought it was strange at the time. Seems there is validity to the rumor.

A mobster cigar holder...... Oh no, I can't handle this anymore....

I also noticed the tire pressures were out of sync.... there is a rumor that this may cause what is commonly referred to as, "The un-balanced driver syndrome". Do not worry Chrysler has an antidote. Free of charge.

Please get plenty of rest NurseBecca, drink plenty of liquids. I will be checking up on you later.

NnurseBecca Premium
Dear Michael,
I was hoping to hear from you on thus topic. I can just imagine the techs sword fightung with dipsticks hahalol I was gonna say that last night but went to bed as you suggested long trips are a bit exhausting.
I did not know if the tire pressure was supposed to give me some clue but I guess you could notice losing pressure before getting a flat tire. Okok I'm stumped is it to give you good gas mileage by keeping proper inflation?
I did not investigate the dipstick story just in case someone was pulling my chain I wanted to spare myself from shame jklol!!

We have alot of members from Ontario I think.
Anyway, have a great day!!💟💟💟
georkeis Premium
I read somewhere that around 7 revolve many mysteries in the world. But can't remember where...!
My National ID needs a "haircut" but I don't show it too often so that's good.
Now let's see a song with something with 7!
NnurseBecca Premium
I fell asleep jamming out to Snoop and the dolls lol. I did not get to say thank you! Thank you I was so tired🙂🙂🙂💝