Build Around Your Dreams and Passions, Not Around Money!

Last Update: December 15, 2014

Today I have been giving feedback to a lot of sites and I have noticed a trend. Now please understand, If making money online is your passion, your niche, then by all means, build your site content around just that. But after reviewing about 10 sites, about half of them were make money online sites. They read very similar. While they had quality content, none of them really stood out. What does that tell me? There is a lot of competition around making money online.

The other five sites I looked at where unique and very diverse as far as content goes. I could tell that some of the builders were very passionate about the content. Unique, solid, well written content will gain a site fans and followers. Making money online can be a profitable niche too, but ask yourself, "Why would someone visit my site as opposed to the other millions of sites out there?" Find the answer to that question and build around it. Is it going to be easy? Absolutely not, but it is possible and doable. So to the "Make Money Online" niche folks out there, get creative, break the mold! In short, make sure you are chasing your passions and dreams, not the dollar.

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GWaldron Premium
Good advice. It is quality content first and the money will come.
Michelle04 Premium
Very well said! The quality content has to be there to pull the traffic in, the dollars come in after that fact. You have made some great points.