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Today I have been giving feedback to a lot of sites and I have noticed a trend. Now please understand, If making money online is your passion, your niche, then by all means, build your site content around just that. But after reviewing about 10 sites, about half of them were make money online sites. They read very similar. While they had quality content, none of them really stood out. What does that tell me? There is a lot of competition around making money online. The other five sites I look
October 17, 2014
In 2005, I earned my real estate license in the state of Tennessee. Selling didn't come easy for me but I got by. Unfortunately, just getting by didn't cut it when the market started to fold. I was a single father with two children that depended on me and I wasn't making any money. I don't know if you know this, but In real estate, if you don't sell you don't eat. I ended up retiring my license and went back to work in education. This is not a sob story and I don't share this for sympathy. I wa
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