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Hi all, I am a thirty something (32 or 33 maybe 34, who keeps track these days?!) I am the mum of five littles, 2 teenage boys who think they're grown, a 4yo little girl who is smart as heck & just as sassy & 2 beautiful and rambunctious 2yo twin girls(terrible twos ×2 =Me not remembering how old I am or on some occasions what day of the week it is!) Also the soon to be wifey to my best friend. We are one big & wonderfully blended family. I am a SAHM by day & a DIY Crafting SAHM @ night. I had a small crafting biz going for a bit where I made and sold a variety of things from diaper cakes, wreaths, 1st bday outfits, baby blankets, bibs, even a few rompers & purses. Hubby is currently between jobs & well honestly things have been pretty tough lately and I know I cant find work outside our home that would even cover the daycare expense it would cost to work plus I homeschool the boys so I am hoping this changes things for us, actually, I'm praying it does!
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Welcome to WA, Nikki!

I'm Miren and I'm here to help you on your way to success! Let me know if you ever get stuck or lost or need help with anything.

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Best to you Nikki,

Thank you Miren, I have competed the setup process with an image and description. If I can work the premium discount into our budget with the next 7 days I will totally take advantage of it. Also thank you for the helpful links.
Miren Premium
You are very welcome! Glad to see that you're taking action and looking forward to working with you =)

Have a wonderful day! :)