SAC started I need to focus.

Last Update: April 23, 2019

Who else here have what I have? Since, SAC started I need to focus and I find myself all over the place. This is my time to shine. Kyle is mentoring me, us. I will not be distracted because he is my guide. Focus, focus, focus. It's my refresher course. So I thought.

I'm finding myself having not accomplish anything, anything that matters like my weekly blog at WA and blogging 3 times a week.

When my sister moved out. I thought Okay she moved out. Now I have more time to myself so I can concentrate on my blogging and business. I thought it was the baby that was distracting me. She so cute and we haven't had a baby for 20 years. Yes, my sister's youngest just turned 21 last week.

Shiny Penny Syndrome

What is shiny penny syndrome you ask? Well let me start with, do not get this it's very dangerous. My definition of it is, when a person starts with one project and start another project without knowing that they did, and by the time they noticed it they have multiple projects to do at the same time.

That is fuel for frustration to kick in, confusion sets in, and shiny penny syndrome squeezes you to not getting anything done.

Here are some tips to help you out if you need it.


Ask yourself, what's more important? What would you like to accomplish first. If you don't do A will B, C, D be okay? If B, C and D are happened to be sleep, please do so because that leads us into focus.


The hardest thing is focus. Focusing on one thing at a time, especially if you have children, take care of a love one, or have a full time job. I still do, have a full time job and I think that it is so hard. You have to focus on your own project at work. When you have kids you have to make sure that the children aren't starving and a happy partner.

Take action

Make a list. Even with Kyle's training he even said to make a list. It can be in a form of writing it down on a sheet of paper, using a spreadsheet, or add a reminder of your smart phone.

You can read it here.

Once you have a list you can check them off one by one.

WA family I hope this help you a little. Now I need to go and do a little of my preaching. :) Since SAC started need to focus on my list.

Thanks for reading WA friends and family. Your comments are appreciated.

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marmar463 Premium
Focusing is the hardest thing to do because unless you have quiet you can basically forget getting any work done because you can't focus on anything with distractions.

I know from first hand I have a husband that likes00 to interrupt me when I am working and I have furry children that do the same thing so it is hard to focus on work but you have to try to work through the distractions no matter what so you can succeed at this business.

Nkaujzeb Premium
😀 Darn kids and husband. 😂 I don't have little ones but I do have a husband and I know how that is. Thanks for stopping by.
marmar463 Premium
Yes sometimes a husband can act like a kid and that is funny sometimes. But I don't mind though because sometimes the interruptions are needed at times for me.

Because I work all day long and I forget about time and he brings me out of my zone. So I have to do dinner and do other things.

And you are so very welcome it was my pleasure
Mick18 Premium
I find staying focused definitely the hardest. I'm sure you will get on track. I wish you much success with SAC.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thanks, Mickey.
Internetgranny Premium
I can totally relate. I am in a similar situation. :-)
jetrbby80316 Premium
Great post Kelly. (And BTW, you just accomplished one of your WA Blogs!)

A simple hand written lit for me works best.

Set out a limited time a get a task done from your list, say like 3 hours. Make sure you get it some in that amount of time or close to it.

It works wonders.
No worries, Kelly - you are now back on track!

Nkaujzeb Premium
Thanks for the advice Kaju. That's what I'm planning. 😀