Omg, omg, omg 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge!

Last Update: April 03, 2019

Oh my goodness!

Omg guys, I am soo scared I nearly fell off my seat. My heart is still racing. I think I need to up my blood pressure med. I can't believe it!

And yet elated at the same time! Maybe a little of both. Mixed emotions here. I grabbed my water jug and chucked on my water and almost choked. I did but omg guys! 😅

It's cool I'm fine. I, I just need to take a deep breath and breathe. (Breathe...)

Okay so get this, I just opened my email like 10mins ago and told me I got a private message. I didn't even read the whole thing. I was thinking oh must be a PM from one of the WA member.

I opened my PM and it's from Kyle!

It says, "Congrats, You Are Accepted in the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge!" 🙏

I am so scared and excited at the same time. Now my brain is going a million miles a minute. Now, I'm thinking all sorts of happy thoughts and not so happy thoughts.

I don't want to disappoint all my WA fellows and Kyle, Carson, and Jay. What if I can't commit to this challenge? 😣

Yeah so I joined in August 2017 but have been working on my niche website and not thinking about boot camp but I did do some of the tasks to see if I was up for it. I was not ready for it. I just wanted a website to help others out there who was looking for ideas on growing stuff.

This year I decided to restart boot camp and last month, Kyle was looking to find more people to mentor for the 2020 supper affiliate challenge. I thought I would be a great idea if he would choose me too.

I didn't think he would even consider me at all. However, he did!

Join me on this journey you'll never know where you're going if you don't take that risk. Maybe next year you'll be pick for the 2021 super affiliate challenge.

I will do this! 💪 The only way to learn is to fail and then rinse and repeat!

To all the others that were chosen as well, let's do this! Let's be successful!

Wish me luck guys! Thanks for reading. 🙋 See you all on top.



Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for giving me this opportunity. 🙌

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Sytemsinc Premium
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you! 😀
grkuria Premium
Congratulations and wish you all the best. We can all be successful if we put in a lot of effort
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you. Yes, must have effort and patience. Thanks for commenting. 🙂
jetrbby80316 Premium
Exciting times, Kelly!
Nkaujzeb Premium
It is! Omg 😅
Kyle Premium
Awesome Kelyee, I can't wait to see where you take your business in the year ahead with this challenge. Bright days are ahead.

Work hard, take consistent action, be open to the idea of failing (which is just learning), and you are going to be able to jump over any hurdle that gets in your way!
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you, Kyle, for considering me. Much appreciate sir.
Mick18 Premium
Congrats! That's excellent news.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Yes, thank you. 😀