I felt stalked.

Last Update: May 06, 2019

Have you ever felt stalked after talking to someone for help? After chatting with an Amazon associate support person I felt stalked after the chat.

We all know that if you signed up for Amazon associate you have 180 days to get 3 qualifying purchases within those days.

Then once you get those three sales your account will be reviewed and you must maintain a once a year qualify purchase for the life of your account, assuming you oblige by their rules.

So, I was looking at the status of my account for sales. I notice that I had gotten one sale and some clicks. 2 orders and a returned.

That one sale was another WA family member who made the purchased. I'm really thankful for her. You can follow her here.

Now I have noticed that the second sale, I didn't get the sale.

The Chat

I can't verbatimly recall the chat but It went like this.

In the chat, I asked the support person why I didn't get the second sale. He responded that it was from someone I know i.e co-workers, family members, people I'm close with, and my neighbors.

To my surprise, I asked him how does he (Amazon) know whom I am connected to? He said he does not have authority to access that but Amazon have their way of knowing.

They have a, I forgot was he said. But they have a way of finding out.

My next statement was I felt stocked by Amazon. I'm not surprised at all that all search engines and social media have already been doing that however, I was amazed how far they will go.

I said to him, "you're telling me that my neighbor across the street whom I never talk to, happens to find my website and orders something I would not get the sale?"

He said, "that could possibly happen." That is bad I told him so I asked for his suggestions.

His suggestions or lack of.

He said I need more traffic to my website and they should be fine with the sales. That was that. The only suggestion he told me.

That's that I need to get more people to read my blogs and blog some more. Blog blog blog... just like Chris said.

Thought I vent a little. Thanks for reading. I wished I screen shot the conversation before closing the chat box. lol

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yangetmaij Premium
That is really something. Wow.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Isn't it? It's scary.
Rich908 Premium
Is Amazon our only bread and butter. I personally feel you have to give an awful lot for something small in return
Nkaujzeb Premium
No but I was curious as to why.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Interesting but understandable. I can understand tracking of neighbours simply by your location. I can understand people with the same surname. But. How they can know about co-workers is a weird one. Unless you work on your website during breaks at work - again location. I guess they need to scrutinize the initial ones or people would take advantage of the system.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Yes, the coworkers creeped me out too.
DeniseAS Premium
Wow this is interesting, thanks for sharing.
Nkaujzeb Premium
You're welcome. Thanks for commenting.
TimMoto Premium
That’s way too close for comfort, I’m surprised they admitted that. A copy the conversation would’ve been interesting to post on line! Just another example of a closer getting.
jkGst Premium
Yes....this practice of Amazon is upsetting to me also, and I have let them know. Some members of WA think it is fine, but I do not. I was told by another member that they have access to our contact list and can use it to find relatives or friends. At this time, anyone with the same last name is not permitted to buy from my links, but others can, and I hope this does not go any farther.
stalking is not good and I agree with you.
Nkaujzeb Premium
It is I told him I will let my account expire and maybe in the future I might go back.