5 Thing You Must Do everyday For The SAC 2019 - 2020

Last Update: April 15, 2019

There are 5 things you must do every day for the SAC 2019 - 2020. I had to help my sister move out of my house. Yes, finally got my house back! Not that I didn't like her it's just sometimes you need your privacy, me time. Not really she bought a home for her little family. Then the clean up and the reorganizing. It took some times off from my project which is the SAC. However, I am ready.

Since last night I revisited Phase one of the boot camp and installed all the necessary plugins. My WordPress general settings are up to date. Did a lot of research making sure I have all my legal stuff like the privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, GDPR, and about me post is done.

Before All The Above

Since I was chosen to be one of the SAC 2019 -2020 from the first week I have already created a brand new website just to promote W.A. It had nothing on it. Not my legal stuff nor an about me page. That was done last night into the wee morning of today. That's what my Samsung sport gear told me so.

I was looking for a good theme to use. It took a few hours.

Don't do what I Did Last Night

Sleep is very important. Make sure you have plenty of sleep before attempting to work on your website. I don't know whether it was good thing or not but I post my about me page as a page and then I deleted it and republished it as a post. I know google frowns on it but I figured it was a brand new site and they don't know about it yet.

As I write this it's now 1:40 PM. I started about an hour ago. I guess I am still tired. I rewatched the videos and follow all the task of phase one of boot camp. It took some time I didn't want to miss anything although I have already done them. It was a refresher courses for me anyway.

Take a break

Take a break from time to time. I forgot I was thirsty until my husband brought me a cup of water and I breathe it in one breath. I didn't know I was thirsty. Now I had to go... brb! Okay now where are we? It sounds funny but don't forget to go use the water closet, rest room, wash room, whatever you want to call them.

Oh yes, while going over the boot camp phase 1 take your time. Remembered we have until May 20th, 2019 to complete Kyle's tasks.

Eating is Also Very Important

You guys if you still have kids they are starving by now and if they are not bugging you for food you have the most Enter your own correction... kids I've ever know. If you're lucky enough to have someone make you food that's even better. I don't and I am starving. My husband is looking at me funny now.

I guess that is a sign of, "let's go eat woman." I guess I will have to finish this blog in a bit. Okay I'm coming sheesh.

Now what? I ate, we ate hahaha. So yes feed your family first then come back and finish your post. Good thing for technology where you can leave and come back, pick up where you left off.

Use SiteContent to Save Your Content or Ideas

I have some post that I have saved from my product reviews to any idea that comes up. You can use whatever makes you comfortable it doesn't have to be SiteContent. I have been using SiteContent since I started here a year and a half ago. I find it to be very useful. All the images I need it is already there and all I have to be is being creative.

So much easier than searching it on Google and then worry about copyright violations. On SiteContent I know they are free for my use.

Plus it has a built in grammar and spelling check for my Enter your own correction.... Of course if your spelling is correct to you and it is not correct on SiteContent and you know you had spelled it correctly just leave it as it and move on. I really help you in the long run. It limits your worry.

There are other grammar corrections out there you can research for your benefit as well.

Don't Stress

This year Kyle have been very lenient as to giving us a month to accomplish all the tasks. So don't stress. Stressing out is going to lead to anger, frustrations, over thinking, and giving up. We don't want to give up when we just started.

I was stressing out really bad when I started the boot camp phase 1 and I asked a silly question. However, I got an answer that I'm just stressing out and over thinking my situation. This is what I did after many months of contemplating on what to do I asked the WA community for help.

Just asking one question relieved me from the stress I was having. Therefore, if you are ever stuck and just need to ask a question just do it. Someone or some people might not give you an answer but they are supporting you in what you are doing and cheering you on along the way.


My last words for the day peeps. You need sleep, take breaks, eat, jot down ideas, and set some reminders.

I set my reminders for almost everything from taking my vitamins to setting up to be here twice a day. Set a time to check in and when I get home to review my WA lessons.

I do a lot of reviewing of the lessons a lot these days. Guys these are the 5 things you must do for the SAC 2019-2020.

I was going to do a short blog but it ends up over 1000 words.

Thanks for reading guys and I appreciate any comments. TIA. :)

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ExpatMark Premium
Congrats on the SAC invite and good luck during the challenge. Thanks for sharing and always make time for yourself.

Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you, Mark.
SondraM Premium
Like you, I need to make sure to do those 5 things everyday. Now that your sister is gone and you are getting re-settled things should go better.

I too decided to start the challenge with a site that was practically brand new. I'm excited. I hope you have a productive week.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Omg, I'm still cleaning after her lol. Still putting back the house. I think I might make that room my she den. Turn into my media room. Wish me luck! 😎

Thanks, Sondra for stopping by.
SondraM Premium
Good luck!
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you! 😀
suzzziq Premium
These are great reminders for all of us! I definitely don’t forget to eat, but I think sleep should become a bigger priority:). Thank you for sharing:)
Cav1966 Premium
great tips for sure. I also was up till about 130 am last night er morning LOL doing WA stuff. It can be addicting but also we need our rest, great reminders
Nkaujzeb Premium
Yes after a year for this it is still very addicting. Thanks for commenting.
SnazzyIT Premium
Excellent tips and funny experiences that I can relate to myself. Thank you :)
Nkaujzeb Premium
You're welcome. 🙂