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Hello. Was there any limitation to the comments offered and paid? I notice that some comments are no longer paid.I offered 15 comments that were paid. After that I only received comments that were not paid anymore. This is the first time I have experienced this.I'm the only one who have this issue?
Hello,I would like to summarize my story here on Wealthy Affiliate.I became a premium member in November 2019 (my first month) and after a while I took advantage of the Black Friday discount and decided to become a yearly premium member.This was the best decision I have ever made and I am grateful every day for it.I work as an engineer at an international car company. Because my time is sometimes limited, I set some goals here at Wealthy Affiliate.Creating a website and writing a post every day
November 23, 2019
Hello to everybody!I put here some interesting facts of the day. I hope you will enjoy it.#Day2DID YOU KNOW ...1. ... it only takes six minutes for alcohol to affect your brain?2. ... it would cost $18.3 million to make a replica Darth Vader suit?3. ... Q is the only letter that doesn't appear in any U.S. state name?4. ... there's a toilet museum?5. ... Lady Liberty wears a size 879 shoe?#Day3 soon ...Thank you.
November 20, 2019
Hello to everybody!I put here some interesting facts of the day. I hope you will enjoy it. #Day1DID YOU KNOW ... If you have a social life that will increase your memory at your old age. In Switzerland is illegal to have just one guinea pig pet. He can die because of keeping him without friend guinea pigs. 3. According to some 40-million-year-old bones that were found in Antarctica, penguins used to be over 6 feet tall and weighed more than 250 pounds.4. A survey shows that 80% of airline pilo
Is invented by Romanians. Beyond the interesting shape, when you get inside you discover a very pleasant and bright environment. It is true that being a model house, it seems more empty, but the secret of the arrangement is in fact an excellent organization. Look, for example, the closets in the living area are also the stairs that help you get to the floor, where the bedroom is. The kitchen also has built-in appliances, and is perfectly fitted to the space available. But besides the internal o
Let's do this imagination exercise. What if we have the opportunity to buy time at Black Friday ? Let's answer together on this questions:How much money would you spend it for this ? How much time you want to buy ?For what you will use this time ? Me first:I am ready to spend all my money so I can buy 10 years to live my childhood again playing all day with my friends. I can't wait to see your answers, let's go.
Statistically speaking, a beginner who starts his business risk his lifetime savings. For those who have invested their life savings, such a situation means a disaster.I present you 5 simple business ideas, that can be started with relatively modest invests and one of them can be carried out from home.1. Making gift bagsGifts have also become a real industry for us. And how every gift should be packed as attractive as possible? Inventive entrepreneurs have found a simple and easy way cheap to s