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Hi My name is Nikki I am a mother of four two daughters aged 29 and 16 and twin boys aged 14. I have been self employed for almost 20 years originally I built up an estate agency with my husband from the ground up and within 7 years turned it into a 1/4 of a million pound company a few years later We decided to sell that so we could have a better quality of life with our children, as you can imagine running a company like that took alot of time away from our family. We decided to move further afield and we brought a villiage shop with some of the proceeds from the previous business. But due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control with road closures due to the local pub being burnt down and then a housing developement company closing the road where our shop was situated we lost everything not without a fight of course but unfortunately it was a fight we could not win. With the loss of our business only a few short months ago came another battle with myself I was diaognosed with anemia and vesbular migraine which is a combination of vertigo tinnitus and hearing loss. I found myself in a postion of being unemployable and this was my starting point for researching affiliate marketing . My goal is to become a successful affiliate marketer and would like to help others along the way. I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this and I am really looking forward to learning what everyone within this community has to share .
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Hi Nikki - Thank you very much for the follow. It is a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best with your WA venture :)
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Thank you for following me, Nikki! I truly appreciate! :-)

I wish you more and more success.

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And thank you for the follow! =)
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Welcome to WA Nikki!
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Thanks a lot for the follow. Wishing you great success! GOD Bless!
Hi Thank so much I hope your are achieving your goals to success too..
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Thanks Nicolette for signing up, I hope that this is the start of a great journey for you. Look through the training on this site and then work through the affiliate programme and feel free to get in touch.