One Way To Improve Your Email Deliverability Rates

Last Update: October 31, 2018

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One problem that email marketers face these days is email deliverability.

The various email services (Gmail, etc.) are getting very good at spotting spam email and filtering it out. This includes unintentially spammy emails.

So instead of your email landing in your subscriber's Inbox, it gets redirected to their spam folder.

Every email that doesn't reach your subscriber's eyes is one more lost opportunity for a sale.

There are certain keywords and phrases that will trigger email spam filters and will ensure your email never reaches its intended target.

So you definitely don't want to use these keywords in your email subject line.

Each trigger word or phrase has a score. The scores for all the trigger words used in your email subject line and body are added up and if the total is more than a certain value, your email is flagged as spam.

I use the Aweber autoresponder and it routinely checks the spam score of the emails I write. Any email with a score of 5 or more gets a red warning and it's time to do some editing!

In truth, even a single high-scoring trigger phrase probably won't get your email flagged. So you might be tempted to use one in your subject line because you like running close to the edge.

But what trips you up are other trigger phrases you use in your main email text, not even knowing they're trigger words and phrases.

And, suddenly, your spam score is over the accepted threshold.

I don't know if other autopresponder services have a spam rating system but if not, then the resource below will be of even more use to you.

Here's a page I found that lists common spam trigger words and phrases to avoid using:

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suzzziq Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this! I will definitely have a look at your site:). I appreciate the share. This is my next project!
firstlearn Premium
This can be one of the many reasons for emails not being delivered.

mbouteiller Premium
Hey Gary,

Wow... this is very helpful information.

I'm not ready to do the email setup yet but I certainly have this bookmarked because I can definitely use this.

Thank you for sharing.