Last Update: October 23, 2016

4 weeks ago, I was cranking out articles and blog posts by the dozens, and got then got busy with the technical part of online business building: ensuring indexing by Google, installing the codes of Google and Bing, and then I started getting distracted by:

  • checking being indexed on
  • checking what's my website keyword ranks
  • checking out my website stats ie number of clicks and visits
  • checking on my affiliate links (1-2 sales, but too early to consider success)

I have to catch myself by my collar and remind myself that I need to 100% focus on creating good content THEN market the content, rather than be an administrative stat-checker, which should be done once a month at the end of the month.

Ugh. Lost couple of days there.


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hilarybassak Premium Plus
This is so easy to do - lucky you only took a couple of days to get back on track. Thanks for the reminder.
MKearns Premium
Your sequence is correct. Craft first then concentrate on securing the business.
MPollock Premium
Nice work .
nigelchua Premium
Thank you!