Argh! I.have 5-6 online business ideas! Don't know to focus on one or do all at the same time

Last Update: October 30, 2016's the deal.

I've about 5-6 websites that I already have running, and have scheduled/created enough content for them to post every 2-3 days until mid December 2016 (I will keep preparing content in advance).

These 6 are my identified passions which I've streamlined from my other passions, of which 2 will be monster complex sites and 4 will be ultra niche sites. I don't think I'll be adding more websites, these are my identified 6 which I enjoy/have passion for with potential profits with the affiliated products I recommend.

I am comfortable with my pace and content creation, and will be able to continue creating content for all 6 of them continually. (I think I should be able to handle more passive forms of marketing such as press releases and commenting)

Should I focus on just 1-2 instead, and instead of focusing on all 6? (How I do this is I schedule 1 day per week to 1 online business, creating 3-5 articles per website per week, and blog commenting in between).

I'm not in a rush, and can wait for at least 12+ months for them to have success and profits.

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AnnieB Premium
For me, I couldn't keep up with 6 websites. But if you have someone helping you and you genuinely enjoy and CAN keep up with them. Then yes do them.

That being said if you find the 1 or 2 that monetize and the others don't, then you may want to give serious consideration to dropping the ones that don't. Or perhaps keeping the others as "hobby sites" if you are really into the niches you have chosen. I'd be really pacing myself with keeping 2 sites going. But we all have different lives and influences. For me 3 blogs/week sound fine. But writing is only part of having a website. There's getting traffic to it, emails and social media possibly, and so on.

It's also worth considering, will you be "burnt out" in a few months keeping 6 sites going, let alone in 12 months time?They will be a lot of work, but you may be able to ousource some of your work for them, eg. blog writing. This can be costly. Life can, and does, get in the way of our plans. Giving thought to how much time you may have (eg. family first) in the future is important too.

Nigel, follow what is in your heart and head. Listening to others advice is fine, but ultimately it's your decision and you'll know whether you can keep at the pace you are going now. And thus far you seem to be going great.

Good luck with whatever you choose, Annie.
nigelchua Premium Plus
Thanks Annie for your detailed and thoughtful replies, and yes, it's pretty tough to have 6 websites (on top of 2 kids and 30+ employees), it gets really tough.

At this point in writing, I can and have pre-written/scheduled up to mid/end December 2016 for all of them, and I think it is possible that I can keep this up...and I'm ok to wait 12-18 months for results.

....but that's being optimistic.

I've re-organized to prioritize 3 and the other 3 will get "less love" and more like hobby sites.

You're right, writing is just one half of it - the other half is marketing, of which I've not done much rather than using the blog commenting aspect on WA (thanks WA!) and generally I don't like social media so I avoid it.

Again, you're right, life does get in the way.

My offline physiotherapy business has a sudden spurt in busy-ness, and I've to launch 2 clinics in a span of 2 weeks, and possibly launch another 2-3 onsite clinics until year end: its madmadmad! the end, these 6 websites are extensions of me and my passions, and I'm ok to keep going with them, but I will focus more on the ones closer to heart, and the other 3 nearby and occasionally.

It's hard sometimes =(

Good thing is I can work from home 2 days per week, so that does free up 8-12 hours block of time which is really helpful, and I've delegated much of my work to my team to run the offline business.

Thanks so much Annie, thanks so much!
MPollock Premium
You have great goals, nice work
MPollock Premium
You have great goals, nice work
Slibby Premium
How do you do so much in one day? How long are the articles? I didn't think it was possible to do so much consistently. I have read advice to focus on one for a year, to build it up to authority-site level.
nigelchua Premium Plus
Hmm...I don't know actually. My articles range from 500 words shortest, to sometimes 1000 - 2000+ words. Maybe I enjoy writing too much? Of course, on days when I do the long articles, I dont write as many, maybe 2-3.

For me, content creation is sort of "ok", but it's the promotional part that is difficult ie building relationships and links

But I may prioritize 3 and de-prioritize 3 to focus a bit more.

What helps is also because I work part time, so I have about 4-5 hours daily to squeeze time in to work on my online businesses too, so that helps somewhat =D
6 is possible....but a lot of hard work.

Don't forget, its not just putting content for 6 sites....Its promoting 6 sites....You will have 6 lots of social media and other traffic techniques to work on aswell.

Personally, I would aim for 1 or 2....3 at a stretch....Put all your focus and time into making those a success rather than spreading yourself too thin across 6 sites.

You can always add more once your first ones are established rather than trying to juggle all 6 launches at the same time.

But.....If you think you are willing and able to do 6....Then more power to you :)

Just my 2 cents.
nigelchua Premium Plus
Thanks Dean, yeah, I agree with you. I will prioritize 3 and de-prioritize 3, and focus on the more important ones for now.

Appreciate your input a lot! Thanks =)