Buyer Beware.What's happening to Citizen X?

Last Update: March 28, 2020

I know we are still learning about Covid-19 but as the numbers grow around the world, I keep wondering about a group that I haven't heard much about. I'm calling them Citizen X because I really don't know how else to describe a group of awesome beings that I feel are not being given as much as a voice as those who contract the virus or transition from the earth.

The Numbers

Globally confirmed cases - 512, 701(WHO)

Globally confirmed deaths - 23, 495 (WHO)

Globally recovered - 132,000 (from YouTube, to be confirmed)

Citizen X - 357, 206??

Who Knows?

I'm praying as I ponder on this, not one to worry about things for which I have no control (not for long anyways:-)). Does anyone here know what happens to those folks?

It's Full On Here

My country implements a full lock-down from midnight on Sunday. Only essential services required and well I currently work part-time for an essential service (commercial cargo) and dutifully received my authorization letter yesterday. If found on the streets without that letter, it's a fine of $50,000TTD/$7143USD or 6 months in prison.

As is the case in other location, panic buying, partying, some paying heed to hygiene, some just not sure how to handle this, skirmishes etc. In general, our people have always been free to 'lime' (a term we use for getting together with friends and family, dancing and having a good time). To be told that you can be together virtually at best is proving to take it's toll. I trust that we will settle in to prevent the worse. Seeing the full spectrum of emotions prior to the lock down tomorrow is like watching a movie from 10 feet away. Odd but true for me.

Parting Words

Let us remember that we are part of a bigger universal intelligence and while many things are not now known to us, it is hardly someone holding a magnifying glass close to us hoping for immediate combustion. For me, focusing on the past corrupts my joy and focusing on an uncertain future will toxify (is that a word) my peace.

May you have corrupt free joy and toxic free peace!

And it's about time for me to get ready to go to work. Enjoy this moment my friends it will not come again.

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WilsonP Premium
Thanks for sharing, Nicole.
It's a worrying time.
Stay safe and stay well.

Nicole222 Premium
Thank you Wilson, please do the same:-)!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Be safe, Nicole! Thanks for this post, my friend!

Stanleycmng Premium
There is much we don’t know. We know more today but there’s also a lot of inaccurate and some fake news. Can only look at the facts and pray. Take care and stay safe.
Nicole222 Premium
Wholesome advice there, Stanley. Thanks.
megawinner Premium
We're here. Just fine and learning the rope on how to enjoy, survive and win against this virus...
Nicole222 Premium
gratitude and joy in the moment has a way of transferring...yes. Good observation Megawinner.