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June 01, 2014
The picture I be using to direct people to my Website in Ads What do you think of the Logo?
May 29, 2014
Monkey say, monkey do is probably one of the quickest ways to fall into a copy cat routine and you wont even realize it. I see it so often on the internet and it keeps popping up on the new websites the people are building. Its so obvious that people don't even realize they are doing it and they don't realize that they actually copycatting other users. One person ones got noticed by using these terms and sentences and got well awarded for it and as time went on people just copied these ways an
After 3 long weeks I managed to get enough to write about. I almost thought I'm not gone make it. My website is Wealthy Earnings the place to be. Please check out the pages and feel free to let me know what you think and eave me a link to your website so I can comment too.
May 27, 2014
I have just finished my first page and I feel good about it. Its quit different than the norm so please give me some feed back on what you think? Building Websites please check it out and if you click on the top logo you can see my main page too.
Hi people I have written a page on my website with a story GETTING STARTED Please go and read it and please leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what you thought of it. Thank you
Writing ideas for a page is not so complicated. What is important is your words you choose must be corresponding to your topic. So if your topic is Dog Food then write about dogs eating habits conditioning tales There's plenty to write about in that manner. Ones you have the topic and the words you want to write about you can start writng. Now you take each word and start writing about it. Writing dog ...dogs are nice... ...all dogs are nice... ...all puppy dogs are nice and I love them to bits
Wow my first $1 I ever made on the internet! I am So pleased with it! Now I know for a fact: MANY MORE WILL FOLOW!
Writing Blogs, Pages and Posts should be entierly your own way! Its up to you to decide how long a post should be and what you want to write about. A way to test it is to sit back and read a post until you get board (well a long post that would be) Then count more or less the letters, that would give you a general idea of a standard post. However there's many aspects to take in consideration like, not everyone is the same not everyone's interests are the same not everyone's concentrat
Its like trying a new brand pudding from a stranger! People are skeptical, so they won't taste the new pudding unless they trust it! So be bold when introducing it to people! Meaning when you talk about Wealthy Affiliates to people: Be sure they are interested Be sure they yearn an extra income Be sure they are computer people Be sure they understand you before you continue People need to be coached into something they don't understand. So Yes not everybody yo
May 11, 2014
When you come accross a question in WA, weather you stumbled upon it or you were refferd to it, do NOT ignore it if you don't know the answer. If you don't know the answer to a question its absolutely fine because simple reason we are not perfect! So when you find a question you don't know the answer then get involved with the question - meaning, reply with "yes thats a good question" or something like that just so you can get involved in that question. The reason for that is the question is go